fitness certification examples that you can earn

New to the health world? Here are a few different types of fitness certification examples that you can earn

by Manish Singh

If you are new to working out, you love being in a gym, and you enjoy spending time in a fitness facility, then you may enjoy becoming an instructor! Haven’t you ever taken a Zumba class and fell in love with the atmosphere? Maybe you really enjoy going to your Friday morning HIIT class before work. Whatever the reason, many people fall in love with the health and wellness world. If you don’t want to start a new career path, or you simply want to get a part-time job during the summer to help support your income, you might enjoy earning a fitness certification.

But what type of fitness certification should you study for? Which kind would work best with your goals and your personality type? There is no point in getting a yoga fitness certification if you enjoy loud music, heart-pumping classes, and high-intensity moves. Make sure you do the reach beforehand to figure out what type of fitness certification will work best with your fitness goals and career path! Read here to know more about fitness certification and how you can get one.

The different types of fitness certification that you can earn

There are many different types of fitness certification options that you can choose from if you want to start working in a gym or a health clinic. Let’s see the most popular kinds and which one may work best for you.

Personal training

Personal trainers are staples in gyms around the world – you will often see trainers with their clients moving between the free weight area, machines, cardio machines, and stretching area. Personal trainers can coach in one-on-one settings to help personalize programs to work with their unique individuals. Personal trainers will have to earn a fitness certification through a reputable business, such as the American Council on Exercise or the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Not to mention, personal trainers make a high amount of money per hour if they are working with individual clients. Since they will have to take the time and effort to put together personalized programs to work with unique individuals based on their needs – whether it be weight loss, toning, muscle growth, or sports performance – they will have to have a higher level of knowledge of the muscles, the body, and how your body responds to exercise.

Group fitness certification

The next type of fitness certificate you can earn is a group fitness certification. This is a good choice if you enjoy being in a high-paced and high-energy environment. Consider looking into the ACSM or NASM certifications so you can teach a class at your local gym! There are various types of group fitness classes that you can teach at your local fitness facility. By earning a group fitness cert, you can have your pick of coaching classes that work for you. There are a few most common group fitness classes, including step class, cycling class, HIIT classes, Zumba classes, strength classes, and cardio classes. If you enjoy teaching a fast-paced morning class, you can teach your morning HIIT class! If you enjoy teaching Zumba on Friday afternoons, you can choose this too. The group fitness cert provides you with the flexibility and versatility to be qualified to teach any type of class to your local gym!

Clinical fitness certification

The next type of fitness cert you can earn is a clinical certification for those who enjoy being in the exercise science and health aspect. Consider getting a fitness certification as a clinical exercise psychologist, exercise physiologist, or a health fitness specialist.

Human performance

Another kind of fitness certification you can earn is a human performance certification. This type involves being a strength and condition coach by earning your certification through NASM, ACE, or the NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. Human performance certs are the best type of fitness certification to earn if you are considering becoming a strength and conditioning coach for a college, high school, or sports team. This type of certification requires extensive knowledge about the type of processes within the body, how your body uses energy, and how to properly fuel your body as an athlete. If you want to work with high-level athletes and teach them how to improve on their sport, this is the best type of fitness certification for you to earn.

Senior fitness instructor certification online

One unique type of fitness certification that you can earn is a senior fitness instructor certification – you can even take this class online! Work with seniors to stay healthy and active by getting this fitness license.


As you see, there are many types of fitness certification options that you can use for your personality style and your scheduling requirements. Choose whatever type of fitness cert works best with your goals and what types of individuals that you want to coach, whether it be athletes, seniors, or regular working people!

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