Five Strategy Games that you can Play on Mobiles Anytime

by Manish Singh

From taking tough decisions to implying various kinds of tricks and tactics, strategy games are popular for a reason. It comes in a variety of different flavors, which is why it is becoming popular by the day.

Gamers can be separated into two categories, namely technique gamers and adventure gamers. In this blog, we are going to talk about technique games.

These games make you use your skills and tactics to the fullest. But, of course, it would help if you utilized your astuteness to beat your opponents. They are incredibly famous among youngsters and have various kinds of benefits of their own.

The best part is that you can now play them online and even challenge your friends and family members. These games are made for seasoned players, and it requires a lot of time and patience to become a pro in these games. They are widely available on various popular gaming apps. The games include rummy, poker, etc. We are going to talk about these games in detail.

Ever since the pandemic has hit the country, we have seen a surge in the usage of strategy games as well. This is because most people are bored at home, and they need to flex their brain muscles to some extent. These games are a great way to stay away from the real world for some time and use your focus completely on these games.

These games require you to think carefully and take every step consciously. There are plenty of technique games out there, but we are going to pick the top 5.

1. Rummy: Rummy is a game of Indian origin, and all of us have played offline rummy at parties, get-togethers, etc. It is one of the most played card games. It has a cultural significance here in India. On a rummy app, you will see various kinds of games that are accessible. You need to make the most of your psychological capacity to win a game of rummy. You also need to check the moves of your opponents. The game brings in a lot of thrill and excitement. It is pure entertainment. If you win, you can even get exciting rewards by playing the game on rummy apps. If you have been missing socializing, then virtual rummy is a great way to connect to the people you used to play rummy with. It could be your friends, siblings, etc. All you need to do is invite them via a link. Indian rummy is a vital part of the culture and a complete package of fun and challenges.

The multiplayer mode also enables playing multiple rummy games with various players at the same time.

2. Chess: This is yet another amazing strategy game that helps in improving memory, dipping concentration, elevating creativity, and developing perspective. It also helps in boosting planning skills.

Even doctors prescribe playing chess because it protects individuals against dementia. Chess is one of the most seasoned methodology games where you need to think and figure out your next move. It would help if you focused completely on winning. There are several applications where you can play this amazing game and win cash prizes. If you get a break from work, play a chess game because it opens up your mind and develops perspective. The seamless user interface in the leading applications will keep you hooked.

3. Poker: Poker is another card game after rummy that requires strategy at every stage. It is also known for boosting mathematical skills and improving studying ability. If you cannot concentrate, poker helps in developing the same as it teaches patience. In addition, you can develop your logical thinking with this game.

Players in this game are dependent on the quality of their hands and the opposite players’ moves. If you have the most grounded hand, you will win the pot some.

A player can easily win the match with the right kind of poker skills, practice, and techniques. However, you need to be patient and strategize every move. Try to watch online poker videos, recordings on poker techniques, etc., so that you become a pro in no time.

4. Sudoku: Sudoku is yet another game that requires a lot of strategy and thinking abilities. If you are bored at home, Sudoku always helps. We have been playing it in newspapers and magazines for many years now. Thankfully, the online version is equally engaging. Sudoku stimulates your mind, flexes the brain muscles, and helps you learn to do things quickly. It undoubtedly increases the concentration power. Sudoku is an amazing game that can be played without any fuss.

There are various trouble levels for you to select from when it comes to online Sudoku. If you have been facing anxiety and stress recently related to the pandemic, this simple number puzzle game can help you ease the same. Sudoku promotes a healthy mindset and improves thinking skills as well. Since it gives you a sense of accomplishment, it is a great time to play during the pandemic. As we all know, the usage of online games has surged a lot since the pandemic. If you want to know more about it, read this detailed article by Forbes now.

5. Clash Royale: This is yet another game that should be on your wishlist. It would help if you protected your crown while focusing on your opponent’s tossed in a game-based fight. It is a great game that can help you increase your focus.

The more you play, the more are your chances to win trophies and unlock cards. You can play this game easily by downloading it from the Google Play store.


Always remember that mythology games are the best.

They help in logical thinking abilities and stimulate your mind. The online gaming sites and applications come with great features. To know more, kindly keep an eye on this blog section.


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