Gaining 1000 followers on Instagram: Is it possible?

Gaining 1000 followers on Instagram: Is it possible?

by Manish Singh

This is the goal I suggest you achieve in terms of number of followers. Why ? Gaining 1000 followers on Instagram is a symbolic step that allows you to offer a first level of credibility to your profile. Then, if your audience is engaged with your account, you will be considered a nano influencer in your field. In this article, no magic, no blah. Only concrete action to obtain this first level fairly quickly. One last thing, you will reach the goal more or less easily depending on your activity, your thoroughness and the quality of your posts.


Who are you, what are you doing?

This is one of the first questions you will need to ask yourself in order to capture the attention of your followers. To make your subscribers want to follow you, your identity must be strong. What do you want to represent in your profile, what image do you want to give yourself of your activity, of your passion?

Make your account different

Another important point, imagine the first 9 shots that will make up your Instagram feed. These 9 photos must appeal to visitors in order for them to subscribe to you. The easier the exercise, the more content it will mean to share. Make no mistake, what will make the difference between you and other similar accounts is the quality of your content. Much of your strategy will need to be based on it.

Use an auto liker app

An Instagram auto liker app is the best solution for you if you don’t have time to do all the tricks from A to Z. How can you get followers from this application? You just have to follow and like other users’ Instagram accounts. In return, you can exchange coins for free Instagram followers and likes. This is a simple concept in which symbiotic mutualism is applied. You follow and like and you are followed and liked. There is no money involved here, you are quite diligent and consistent in following and liking other users’ Instagram accounts.

Which application do you have to deal with?

I advise you to use Followers Gallery, a popular free Instagram likes app. This application is free and has been proven to be able to provide many Instagram followers and likes to its users, Followers Gallery is a virus free application. This application is also safe because it never asks for an email or Instagram password. There is no risk of account hijacking here. You only need to download Followers Gallery on your Android phone or iPhone, register, log in, and start collecting as many coins as possible by following and liking Instagram accounts of fellow Followers Gallery users. As simple as that!

You can monitor the growth of your Instagram followers and likes with the Instagram follower counter feature provided by the Followers Gallery. I have been using this app for 1 year and so far, it’s very satisfying! Don’t you want to try?

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