Class 12 Physics Exam

Giving Your Best in Class 12 Physics Exam: Here’s How?

by Manish Singh

Everyone wants to excel in the Physics exam in their class 12 board exams but most students do not know how to score above 90% in the CBSE class 12 Physics exam. Although Physics is a tricky subject, with proper planning and preparation, it is easy to get good marks in the exam.

It is important to have a conceptual understanding as well as logical and problem-solving skills. Theoretical knowledge, visualization, and application of this knowledge are critical. You can master all subjects by focusing thoroughly on the basics. Vedantu NCERT Physics class 12 pdf can help you with all that you need and more.

Just like other subjects, Physics also requires you to gather the background ideas of the entire syllabus as well as the in-detail analysis of particular chapters that are crucial for your board exam. In this article, we are going to discuss a few tips about giving your best in your class 12 Physics exam.

Important Strategies

  • If you believe you are weak or uncomfortable with Mathematics, you might want to study Modern Physics first. The chapter Semiconductors is one of the most crucial chapters from the exam point of view. Its weightage is approximately 8 marks. Similarly, Atom and Nuclei make up 6 marks.
  • Next, it’s a good idea to study the Dual Nature of Radiation, carrying 4 marks and Communication System which carries 3 marks. If you have a good grasp of these chapters, it will help you a lot in scoring high marks in your class 12 boards.
  • After this, you can move on to difficult yet important chapters such as Optics, constituting 14 marks of the exam. In this chapter, it’s a good idea to complete the Ray Optics topic first, because it is comparatively simpler. For Wave Optics, it is important to focus on problems related to Interference, Diffraction, or Young’s experiment.
  • The Current and Electricity chapter is fairly easy and also carries a high weightage of 7 marks.
  • Make sure to study Electrostatics and Magnetism because these chapters are extremely important for competitive exams like JEE.
  • EMI is also a unit that requires a lot of concentration to get a high score. It is important for both the class 12 board exam as well as many competitive exams.
  • Practice drawing and labelling the ray diagram as well as other diagrams very carefully. Drawing while you study will help you to understand the topics faster and you will remember them longer.
  • Never ignore the objectives. Always solve these questions to ensure you are efficient enough to solve 1 mark problems in the final exam.

Preparation Tactics

  1. Read the NCERT class 12 book for Physics as thoroughly as possible. Every topic in your syllabus has been appropriately covered in the chapters of the NCERT book.
  2. Create an exhaustive list of derivations, formulas, as well as experiments in the syllabus. Make sure to keep this list handy for the exams.
  3. When you solve a derivation, try to understand the logic that drives it. If you comprehend a derivation, you’ll be able to write it at all times.
  4. Revise every previously studied concept regularly.
  5. In case you are not comfortable with the numerical problems, it’s best to start as early as possible. You have to get accustomed to numerical problems. Try to solve every single numerical provided in your NCERT book including the solved as well as unsolved problems. Physics papers will have numerical sums so you cannot escape them.
  6. Remember all the SI units for every physical entity.
  7. Once you have finished the whole syllabus, set a timer and solve the questions from CBSE sample papers of Physics, to check how much time you are taking.

Scoring Tips

  • When you write the exam, try to put down the descriptive answers pointwise. Try to give pictorial or graphical representations when and if possible. This will enhance your answers.
  • Scan the question paper carefully before you start answering.
  • For the long answers, before you begin, create a point-to-point skeleton of your answer at the margin.
  • Be precise and crisp in the very short and objective questions.

Important Points to Note

  • Always refer to your NCERT book for Physics before referring to any other source. It’s the best book for your Physics Class 12 board exam. Every topic in the syllabus for your exam is well covered here.
  • It’s a good idea to prepare a complete list of all formulae to revise it multiple times. This will allow you to conquer the numerical problems effectively as well as quickly.
  • Solving previous year’s question papers is a great tactic because it lends you a significant idea of your actual exam. Once you have finished the whole syllabus, solve model questions from CBSE sample papers for Physics by setting a timer to check your pace and accuracy. This will also help you to practice writing as you test yourself.
  • Providing diagrams as well as graphical representations will give you brownie points. Always make it a point to read the paper thoroughly before you start answering. Before starting, chalk out a rough frame of your answer along with a margin for the long answers. Ensure that you write precise answers and answer only what is asked.
  • Practice the ray diagram along with all other diagrams, with care and concentration because they are very important to score good marks.

With these tips, you will surely ace your class 12 CBSE Physics board exams.

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