Good Stuff Burlington VT

Good Stuff Burlington VT

by Manish Singh

Burlington is not just a great vacation location but also a natural wonder to behold. The beaches, water activities, fountains, excellent food, and hospitality are notable.

Waterfront Restaurants Burlington VT

Restaurants at Burlington are not just exquisite with excellent cuisines, and they also have a scenery view that captivates your sight and entices your appetite.

  1. Waterworks Food and Drink- Ever had a taste of food flawlessly prepared and served beautifully?
  2. The Eastside Restaurant- The food is not just excellent or the salad superb, the view is breath taking!
  3. Whetstone Station Restaurant- High quality meals are not just served here. They also have a brewery with great wine.
  4. Shore Acres- The meal and service are amazing and lush land whose scenery of Lake Champlain is awesome.
  5. Hen of the Wood- If you like your food fresh and creatively made, it’s definite that you will love the meals prepared for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.
  6. Red Mill- Don’t look far to get a tasty meal at a wonderful restaurant.
  7. Breakwater Grill- While waiting for your ferry to arrive, you can enjoy the outdoor space and great chips.
  8. Bayside Pavilion- Grading the food creativity and quality is nothing short of a distinction.
  9. Bailiwicks on Mill- This serene atmosphere allows you to savour your Tuna and the scenery of the hydro-power dam.
  10. Simon Pearce- With a breath taking sight to be appreciated, the meals displayed are just mouth-watering.

Waterfront Hotels Burlington VT

This hotel is rated three stars. The waterfront hotel is green and eco-friendly which has received awards on influencing culture, economy, and the community. Asides from this, they have professional staff, good customer relationships, a neat and hygienic environment.

It has a pool within the hotel premises, and it is safe, covers walking distance, has convenient car parking space, free Wi-Fi, and is also open to pets.

Services offered: laundry, morning papers, multilingual personnel, luggage space, etc.

Room facilities: air conditioner, iron, tea maker, personal bathroom, bathtub, flat televisions and cables, microwave, fridge, housekeeping.

Esta Application

The Visa Waiver Program is directly involved with esta application usa. The Application has a fee for the process involved and permission to enter the States. The process is not cumbersome as it takes less than 20 minutes to complete the application process and receive feedback after 3 days. These procedures are conveniently carried out online at the comfort of your home, system, and good internet connection. Applicants are also encouraged to tender their applications about 72 hours before they intend to enter the States. Else, they will be prohibited from entry.

To apply for us esta, you must be a citizen of the Visa Waiver Program Country. It is paramount to have a valid passport, ensure you will be staying a time frame of 3 months, do not have any record of criminal acts, must be visiting for the purpose of business, tourism, or transit. When the requirements are met, authorization is given to transit into the States. However, when your passport is expired, or your ESTA permit is over 2 years, there will be a need to reapply for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

Burlington VT Beaches

These naturally made beaches are good places to unwind, enjoy nature, have a feel of fresh, uncontaminated air, view the sea waves crashing, and have fun.

In Burlington, these are wonderful scenery to alleviate stress and have calm:

  1. North Beach- Is easily populated due to its short distance from the town.
  2. Leddy Beach- It is not as crowded as North Beach though it is close to Burlington
  3. Oakledge Park- An amazing place with a nice beach spot and a play arena for kids.
  4. Thayer Beach- Good place to have a quality family time
  5. Waterbury Reservoir- Has good shade, lovely hang out spots, and easy access
  6. Lake Iroquois- A ticket or daily pass is needed to access the personal beach. It is neat and gorgeous.
  7. Branbury- Serene atmosphere, clean environment for kids and adults.
  8. Sandbar State-Superb Park with sturdy trees
  9. Alburg Dunes- It is picturesque and has narrow water so children can have access to it.

Others include Texaco, Lakeside, Little, Waterfront beach, etc.

Kayak Rental Burlington VT

A kayak is a simple boat, small and shallow watercraft operated by a twin blade paddle. It can be used on the ocean, pond, or lake. Kayaking accessories include kayak, paddle, float and bags, compass, whistle, etc. They are used for tours, fishing, recreation, etc.

Most people do not own their kayaks. Although purchasing one is affordable, tourists prefer to rent for the time duration they will be around. Some places to get good renting offers are:

  • Oakledge Park, Blanchard Beach
  • North Beach Park
  • Waterbury Reservoir
  • Burlington’s North Beach
  • Oakville
  • Lake Champlain

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