How Long Should You Stay in a House Before Selling It?

How Long Should You Stay in a House Before Selling It?

by Bryn Fest

Did you know people find selling a home quite stressful? First-time home sellers might not be sure when they can sell. If you’re asking the question “How long should you stay in a house before selling?” keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn when to sell a home. You’ll want to build equity and make wise financial decisions. Look at working with a reputable real estate agent as well.

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What’s Your Long-Term Plan?

You should try and map out a long-term plan. Will you stay in your current house for a few years and build equity? Do you hope to buy a larger house later on for your growing family?

Some people might want to invest in a rental building or rent out their current house.

You should think about your end-of-life plan, and how you will financially provide for your family. Before selling your home, take all these factors into consideration.

Why Build Equity?

New buyers should know real estate is one of the most popular investments.

Your house will increase in value as consumer demand grows. Specific real estate markets are also popular, meaning you’ll get a better selling price on the house.

If you bought a house in Miami for 200,000 and sold it in five years, you might sell it for 50,000 more. Many home buyers love Miami and want to experience the sunny beaches and better quality of life.

It’s beneficial to stay in a house for a certain period to build equity. Equity is the amount of the home you own.

Fixed-rate mortgages will operate around pre-scheduled payments. The amounts will go toward paying down the principal loan amount.

The principal loan amount is what you owe on your house. The interest is the fee you will pay the lender.

The mortgage payments will become less burdensome as your income increases. More funds going toward paying off the house will actually increase your equity.

When Can You Sell the House?

Buying a house is a long-term investment. You should try to stay in your property for at least five years before selling. Real estate agent fees, mortgage interest, and closing costs will add up.

Before buying, think about how long you intend to stay there.

Buying a house is a significant transaction. It’s one of the biggest sales you’ll make in your life. You should understand the fees and costs associated when you sell a house.

You’ll have to consider each payment, lowering the chance of losing money. You should maximize your chances of getting a profit.

Pay Less in Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax is the fees levied by the IRS on assets that you make a profit on when you sell them. If an asset gets bought and sold for higher, the difference will get subject to capital gains tax.

If you bought your home for 200,000 and sold it for 300,000, your profit of 100,000 will be subject to tax.

Capital gains taxes get paid after the asset’s sold. You won’t pay them until you finally sell your house. Capital tax gain rates are at zero percent, 15, and 20, depending on your tax filing status and income.

There are two kinds of capital gains. A long-term and short term. Both get different taxation rates.

If you live in a property for under a year before selling, it will get taxed as a short-term gain. If you live there longer, profits will get known as long-term capital gains.

Cover Closing Costs

Home values can appreciate three percent of their final sale price each year.

Closing costs might add up to three or six percent of the loan amount. It could take a few years of staying in your house to get enough appreciation to cover the closing costs.

Take these things into consideration. Crunch some numbers and think about what makes sense for you to stay in the house. Are you hoping to make money by selling your home?

Try to Think About Market Conditions

The real estate market’s always changing because of market demand. You might have heard the term sellers and buyers market. This refers to when the housing market either swings in favor of sellers or buyers.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, consider the current market conditions. Sometimes, it’s wiser to wait until the market conditions become super favorable.

If there’s a low inventory of houses in your region, you’ll have a high housing demand.

Do You Need to Move Right Away?

Some people end up needing to move because of a new job. If you have to move states, look at selling or renting your home.

Find a cash buyer if you want the transaction to move quickly. There are cash buying companies that want to buy houses. Check it out today.

How Long Should You Stay in a House Before Selling?

Did you find this guide answered your question, “How long should you stay in a house before selling?”

Make sure you consider the pros and cons if you hope to sell your house one year after buying. You should always think if it’s a wise financial decision.

Buying a house is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make. Make sure you don’t lose money by selling too soon.

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