How much does a scrum master earn?

How much does a scrum master earn?

by Bryn Fest

What is Scrum?

The Scrum framework enables several software development teams to work together as a single team. It is similar to how DevOps and Agile groups collaborate to accomplish a common goal. When a team uses Scrum to solve an issue, they are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and improve their organization. Examining the causes of their wins and losses inspires teams to pursue a path of constant growth. It is only natural that the structure gets its title from the same game, as it is exactly how a football team operates.

The “Scrum Values” are the core principles that CMS certification costs. They are bravery, concentration, dedication, respect, and openness. Each of these principles helps a Scrum team perform well and be managed.

Scrum Job roles

1. Product owner

The task of constantly reminding the design team of its goals and priorities falls to the product owner. This person must be someone who commands authority, is constantly available, and has a clear vision. It has frequently been observed that these people need help to determine the proper level of involvement in a project.

Scrum enables teams to structure themselves independently, as we just covered; thus, a product owner must refrain from micromanaging the teams. They must, however, be accessible at all times to respond to inquiries from the team. All they have to do is strike the proper balance.

2. Scrum Master

This person serves as the team’s and the product owner’s facilitator or organizer. But this individual is not in charge of the team. The Scrum Master’s main goal is to remove any obstacles in the way of the team completing its sprint objectives. The scrum master ensures the team can present its accomplishments to the product owner and remain active and inventive. Additionally, this person offers advice to the owner on how to increase ROI.

3. Team

Coders, computer programmers, analysts, designers, developers, UI architects, and quality analysts make up Scrum for software development projects. Scrum teams typically consist of three to nine people working together in a quiet space without outside interruptions. In every sprint, the team is responsible for figuring out how to finish the assigned job. To finish the task, the team self-organizes.

What does a Scrum Master do?

The Scrum Master ensures that the Scrum framework is supported throughout a project. This person serves as the team’s and the product owner’s main point of contact and comprehends each sprint’s bigger development picture. The group, the product owners, and the company maintain the framework and streamline the entire process.

These folks ensure that each team member is focused on the most important assignment at any given time and assigning tasks to the team. Another duty is ensuring the crew is widely implemented for a project and not allowed to sit.

Additionally, the Scrum Master works with the product owner to ensure the team is aware of the project’s domain, goals, and scope. Additionally, they arrange sprint planning sessions and remove obstacles that prevent projects from being completed successfully. Before the subsequent sprint, they assist the product owner in managing the product backlog efficiently.

The Scrum Master has several significant obligations to their company. They ensure that all parties, including staff members, comprehend and adhere to the econometric product development approach. Throughout the changeover period, they assume coaching and leadership roles.

They will collaborate with other Experienced Experts in the company to ensure that productivity is maintained consistently. Additionally, they keep the stakeholders updated on the sprint and development’s progress.

Now that you are familiar with the Scrum structure, how it functions, and the duties of a CSM certification cost, let’s turn our focus to the Scrum Master pay in India and the elements that influence it.

Scrum Master Salary in India

In India, a Scrum Master makes an average annual income of Rs. 1,412,000. In certain cases, it might be as much as Rs. 2,268,000 per year, while in others, it can be as little as Rs. 7,02,000 annually. The candidate’s expertise, the city where they will be placed, and the business they will be operating for are all essential considerations in determining their pay.

Factors Affecting Scrum Master Salary in India

Numerous variables might have an impact on the Scrum Master pay in India. Let’s look at some major wage-influencing factors:

  1. Location
  2. Experience
  3. Employer
  4. Skillset

Scrum Master Pay in India: Location-Based

Your income as a scrum master might vary greatly depending on where you live or work. In places like Bangalore, it could be greater than the national average or lower, like the Scrum Master pay in Pune. Only the major cities will be taken into consideration. Operating as a Scrum in Delhi will bring an annual salary of about Rs. 1,276,000. A Scrum Master’s typical income in Mumbai is comparable to this profession’s pay in New Delhi. It amounts to about Rs. 1,255,000 annually. About Bangalore, it is a little higher.

Bangalore has a higher average Scrum Master pay than the rest of the country at Rs. 1,550,000. Therefore, rather than accepting the scrum master pay Pune offers, most professionals seek possibilities that enable them to receive a certified scrum salary in Bangalore.

The amount is now Rs. 1,647,000 annually. The average salary for a scrum master is Rs. 1,366,000 in Hyderabad and Rs. 1,438,000 in Pune. In Chennai, a Scrum Master makes about Rs. 1,300,000 annually. The annual wage in Kolkata is Rs. 1,446,000. (Glassdoor data were used.)

This list explains our main point in great detail. In addition to the firm you work for, the location where you are employed will affect your Scrum Master income. As a result, if you work as a Scrum Team in Bangalore, you will make almost 17% greater than the national median. However, the pay for Scrum Masters who operate in Noida, Bombay, and Chennai cannot be considered comparable.


As you’ll see, Scrum Masters were exceptional and greatly impacted an organization’s success as a whole. They work together with product owners and teams to guarantee that the framework is effectively deployed and the program is finished on schedule. They are frequently mistaken for project managers. The correct Scrum Master may significantly alter a project.

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