How Much Is the iPhone 12 Worth Used?

by Bryn Fest

As newer Apple devices are released, people are selling their older iPhones and flocking to get their hands on the refreshing iPhone 13. Apple sold over 40 million iPhone 13 models during the 2021 holiday season. But with that comes the question of what happens when people already have relatively new devices and purchase a newer one not too long after?

They sell it!

Perhaps you just bought a new iPhone 13 and want to sell your older smartphone, wondering, “How much is a used iPhone 12 worth?” If you’re looking for an answer, read on to learn how much an iPhone 12 is worth.

How Much Is a Used iPhone 12 Worth?

The iPhone 12 is almost two years old, making it not too old but not reasonably new. When it was first released in October 2020, the different iPhone 12s were priced from $800-$1,400. But like a brand new car, a smartphone drastically depreciates after a year – except the phone will worsen more.

Ultimately, the iPhone 12s will lose almost or over 50% of its initial price point. For example, the base iPhone 12 will average $390 for trade-in and resale.

Here is the average worth of different used iPhone 12s:

  • iPhone 12: $390
  • iPhone 12 Pro: $550
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: $629
  • iPhone 12 Mini: $301

Things to Consider

But just because the list says the average worth is around $300, it doesn’t always mean an iPhone 12 will trade for that much. You have to consider the different factors that play into the value of these devices. It can be quality checks such as:

  • Scratches
  • Component defects (e.g., a damaged charging port)
  • Screen cracks
  • Dented surface
  • Function
  • Storage capacity

If an iPhone 12 has had multiple dings and a cracked screen, don’t expect a buyer to give you $300 for it. Instead, it will set you as low as $200. But if it’s almost non-functioning and buggy, it could value at $100.

How about an iPhone 12 that looks and feels like it’s barely been used? If it’s possible to find an iPhone 12 of that quality, you still won’t get a value over 50% MSRP. The best it could set you is in the high $300 and low (if possible) $400 range.

Another thing to consider is the size of the storage capacity. For example, a regular used iPhone 12 can fetch you a price in the high $400 mark.

So how much can you get for iPhone 12?

Compiling the different iPhone 12s, storage capacity, and conditions of each device, you can see a price range anywhere from $100 to $800 (iPhone Mini to iPhone Pro Max).

Where to Sell Used iPhones

Now that we know how much our iPhone 12 is potentially worth, where can we sell our used devices? Since many electronic stores and vendors are willing to take a used iPhone 12, you may have to explore different options.


Different locations will offer you varied prices for your used iPhone 12. Some may lowball you or give you a fair offer. A place like macs electronics can be an excellent vendor to sell your used iPhone 12. They offer great pricing for used Apple products and can save you the hassle of exploring the vast amounts of organizations out there.

Sell Your Old Device and Learn More

How much is an iPhone 12 worth? Depending on the model and quality of the used iPhone 12, it can hold a value between $100-$800. But you must also remember that the price of a used iPhone 12 will mostly be under 50% of its MSRP. You can sell the used devices to any electronics store or vendor when upgrading to a newer phone, but the price will vary for different places.

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