How optimizing your job search can help you get a new software engineering job

How optimizing your job search can help you get a new software engineering job

by Manish Singh

If you are trying to find a software engineering job, then you need to use the right resources to narrow down your job search. If you are just using search engines and using blanket terms to find a job for you, this can yield thousands of results – hundreds of which will not be the right fit for you! Instead, optimize your job search so you can save time applying for jobs, only apply to those who are the right fit, and create personal connections with those we are in charge of the hiring process.

How to optimize your job search to find a software engineering job – use Pathrise!

If you are trying to find the most efficient and productive way to search for new software engineering jobs that will work for your lifestyle and education level, then consider optimizing your job search using Pathrise. You can use a few tips and tricks to optimize your search, so you can spend the rest of the day building your portfolio, applying for jobs, and spending time on other productive tasks.

The last thing you want is to spend the entire day searching for jobs. Instead, optimize your job search using Pathrise to narrow down the extensive list to jobs in your local area, remote jobs, jobs that suit your time constraints, and much more!

Prioritize the listings

The first step in optimizing your job search for new software engineer jobs is to prioritize what gets the most results by finding out what to apply for. If you look at software engineering jobs, make sure you find the occupation that is suitable for you and the company that is hiring the most people. You don’t want to spend the time applying for only one open position in the company that is hiring one person, where you could be applying for a new business that is taking on 100 new employees!

Spend your time networking

If you spend time and effort on networking, the jobs will soon come to you. By focusing on what really matters, which is building human connections and communicating with people in the industry, you can build deeper relationships and make sure your emails and communication are not impersonal. The last thing a potential employer wants is a form email that sounds inefficient, impersonal, and cold.

Although networking can take longer, the payoff will be better. You will spend about 30 minutes per job application process instead of about 5 minutes per person. However, the extra time will cause a higher return on investment in the long run! Instead of contacting 50 people with a simple and impersonal message, contact 10 with in-depth emails that will make them more likely to respond!

Don’t waste your time

If you find that you are applying for a job that you think you may like, but they require you to have three online interviews, one in-person interview, and then a trial period, you may find the application process is more trouble than it is worth. Especially if you need a job soon, or you are comparing multiple jobs, you will simply not have enough time to do everything! In this case, do not do anything that wastes your time. Some companies want to get free work out of people, so avoid these businesses at all costs.

When trying to find a software engineering job that is the right opportunity and right fit for you, make sure you find out soon after the interview process is over what they think about you as a candidate. Do not spend weeks or months waiting for a callback, but take matters into your own hands.

Create an updated resume

The next way that you can increase the likelihood of getting a software engineering job is to make sure you have an uploaded and updated resume on a job site. Consider making your own website, building a portfolio, or using a job site like LinkedIn to have all of your professional information, contact information, and past work history so employers can see your skills, past, and current job.

Use LinkedIn Groups

The next way that you can use LinkedIn and other job sites to benefit your search for a software engineering job is to use LinkedIn Groups to get contact information for someone that you do not have an email or phone number. If you find that you are interested in applying for a specific company, and you know that someone in your LinkedIn Group works there, then contact them to see how you can apply, the best person to contact, and who to send your resume to.


As you can see, using Pathrise to help optimize the job search can help save you time, effort, and numerous emails sent to corporations and employers who are not interested in hiring you. Make sure you optimise the job search by creating an updated resume, using LinkedIn Groups, spending your time networking, avoiding wasting time on cold leads, and prioritizing the most important listings.

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