How to Become a Carpenter in Australia

How to Become a Carpenter in Australia

by Bryn Fest

Carpenters are an integral part of the construction industry and play a vital role in every construction project. They are highly skilled professionals and always remain in demand due to the nature of their work. Therefore, this field has a lot of potential and many growth opportunities for the right people.

In this article, we will talk about the carpentry profession, what a carpenter does, and walk you through the steps to becoming a professional carpenter in Australia.

What is Carpentry, and What Does a Carpenter Do?

Carpentry is one of the oldest professions in the construction industry. It dates back thousands of years with a few specialisations, such as trim carpentry, finish carpentry, and farming.

A carpenter works with timber, plasterboard, plywood, and other wood and natural materials to install wooden fixtures and fittings. In other words, a carpenter constructs, builds, installs, repairs, and maintains a variety of objects and structures, such as furniture or cabinets. A carpenter works on various sites such as commercial (offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.), residential (houses, apartments, etc.), and industrial (power plants, factories, bridges, etc.).

Here are some core duties and responsibilities of a carpenter:

  1. Reading and interpreting blueprints and taking written or verbal directions to determine the dimensions, required materials, and installation procedures.
  2. Assisting the site supervisor with planning, layout, and structural design.
  3. Construction and install fixtures and structures such as floors, walls, doorframes, doors, windows, etc.
  4. Operate necessary hand and power tools such as drills, hammers, chisels, sanders, circular saws, nail guns, and welding machines.
  5. Determining items required for the project and the estimated cost.
  6. Apply OHS policies, requirements, and procedures.
  7. Construct staircases
  8. Builds the concrete formwork into which the concrete is poured
  9. Install interior finish and trim
  10. Install countertops and cabinets

Different Types of Carpentry: A Complete Overview

Carpentry is a diverse field with various options, just like the construction and building industries. Before choosing carpentry as a career in Australia, it is vital to find what type of work interests you in carpentry. Hence, picking a specialised discipline related to your interest becomes easier.

Generally speaking, there are two main types:

  1. Framing or Rough Carpentry — Framers construct the house structures and install exterior windows and doors. It is primarily for large structural components of a building that does not require a neat finish because the wood is often covered by some final product, such as drywall.
  2. Finish Carpentry — It is mainly for those structures that require a high level of detail and neat finishing that completes the interior, e.g., flooring, cabinetry, staircases, doors, windows, doors, and other wood details.

To further break it down, here are some common types of carpenters in Australia:

  1. Joiner Carpenter – They install stairs, windows, trusses, and doors.
  2. Formwork Carpenter – They erect and disassemble the frame needed to hold concrete.
  3. Framework Carpenter – They repair or construct building frameworks.
  4. Green Carpenter – They use environmentally sustainable materials and methods.

How to Become a Carpenter in Australia

You can not learn carpentry skills overnight. It is a field that requires training as well as on-site study. To succeed and become a qualified carpenter in Australia, you must study and complete an apprenticeship with a construction company. An apprenticeship merges the on-job training with structured learning from a registered service provider. They develop your practical skills with the training and make you capable of taking jobs so you can kickstart your career in carpentry.

In short, apprenticeships offer a remarkable learning experience you can not get in a classroom. You will learn everything from professional carpenters and get first-hand experience working as a carpenter and spending a typical working day.

You can fast-track your career growth by getting certified. First, you need to undertake a nationally recognised CPC30211 Certificate III in Carpentry, a comprehensive course that can be a great starting point for your career. This course equips you with the knowledge and foundational skills to work effectively and become employed in Australia. The course covers accurate or real simulated workplace environments and will be trained by industry professionals.

What Will You Learn in CPC30211 Certificate III?

This certification offers a real-world experience in carpentry to prepare carpenters for residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects. Such courses use simulations to simulate real-world environments to test students with the learnings they have done in a controlled environment.

You will also learn all the basics of carpentry under the supervision of highly experienced carpenters, such as:

  1. Construction and installation of ceiling and wall frames
  2. Installation of flooring systems
  3. Installation of windows and doors
  4. General demolitions and levelling operations
  5. Applying OHS procedures, policies, and requirements.

How Long Does It Take To Become a Carpenter?

It takes around four years to complete your CPC30211 Certificate III in Carpentry. It is an average time duration of the Australian trade industry; however, it also depends on your availability. There may also be a 90 days probationary period allowing employers to assess you. Typically they assess your potential, dependability, work ethic, and reliability.

What To Do After Apprenticeship?

Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you can become a qualified carpenter. It’s totally up to you to decide how you would like to progress in this discipline. Whether you continue working for the same employer or you might go alone and start your own business.

If you were to start your carpentry business, you would require a team of professional carpenters to meet the ever-growing demand in this field. Unfortunately, hiring a quality and skilled labour force is challenging because of a shortage of skilled workers. However, you can quickly assemble a team of skilled carpenters in Brisbane and kickstart your business today.

Wrapping Up

Becoming a carpenter in Australia is very rewarding, considering the growing market demand and the shortage of skilled workers, making it a very invaluable skill. In Australia, a carpenter’s salary may range between AU$40,000 to AU$95,000 per annum. However, please note that this may vary based on location, the employer, the amount of overtime worked, and the level of responsibility. In addition, the jobs are very dynamic in nature, thus, creating an opportunity to work on different projects, gain experience, and carve out a solid career.

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