How to check Who is Using Your Wifi (D-link)

by Manish Singh

Who is using my wifi, if your question is this then you are in the right place? You need to check it because if many users use the same wifi network you may experience slow internet speed even though you have good speed from the provider.

I am going to show you “how to check who is using your wifi in D-link”.

1. Connect your laptop to the wifi for which you want to check.
2. Go to your web browser(Chrome/Mozilla/Internet Explorer/any) and enter this “” into your search bar, you will see a window like below.
3. Now enter your admin name and password” if you didn’t keep just enter a password as “Password” or else leave it blank and click Enter.
4. Click on “Status” on the Right. Upto here follow the same procedure for all D-link router.
5. Now Open “Active Client Table” which is on the left side
In the “Active Wireless Client table” you can see who are using your wifi network. You can see  Name of Computer, IP Adress, and Its MAC Adress.
Conclusion– This is the natural way of checking who is using your wifi. Although there are softwares to check this, i don’t suggest you use them because they can manipulate your wifi router configuration, that’s it, guys, if you find any guy using your wifi then you can change the password, even after changing password its not big task to the hacker to hack again, so its better to buy a router that covers a limited area. If you have any doubts you can post in comment’s we will help you.

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Elijah Nelson November 18, 2023 - 3:31 pm

For enhanced security, it’s a good mapquest practice to change your Wi-Fi password regularly.

Fight January 24, 2024 - 9:54 am

That’s sound advice bubble shooter. Another factor is that your access will be weakened when there are too many devices using the same wifi.

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