How to Choose a Comfy Bra for Travel

How to Choose a Comfy Bra for Travel

by Bryn Fest

The first modern bra was invented in 1914. Fast forward more than a century and we’re still stuck with uncomfortable bras. Why are so many bras uncomfortable even though there have been so many years to develop them?

One main culprit could be style/fashion. Most bras are made to look a certain way and to appeal to a certain eye. They’re not made with comfort in mind.

These bras could be an okay choice for a quick night out, but not when traveling. When you’re traveling, you want to find a comfy bra that provides you with all the support you need without sacrificing fashion.

Continue reading the guide below to learn how to find the best bras for your travels!

Read Customer Reviews

Today, the internet provides us with the platform we need to interact with others about products and services and learn about an item before making a purchase. When searching for comfortable bras, start by conducting some research. Search online for the top-rated bras for comfort.

Then, read customer reviews. What are other people saying about those bras and would they recommend them to you? Once you find a few good options, you can then search where to buy them in person.

Try Them on in Person

When buying a bra, it’s ideal to do so in person. This allows you to try various bras on and find the right size for you. Unfortunately, many people are wearing the wrong size bra without even realizing it.

This could cause discomfort, so working with an associate who can help size you is beneficial. Many bra/undergarment stores will have someone there to help you find the right size. Try a few on, put your shirt back on, and see how the bra fits under your shirt.

Walk around and move your arms to test the bra’s comfort level.

Avoid Wires

Wired bras are good for larger breasts because they provide that extra support and lift. However, if it’s comfort you’re searching for, then consider ditching the wires. There are many great bras, even for larger breasts, that are wire-free.

Wires can poke into your sides and make you uncomfortable when sitting or lying down for extended periods of time.

Choose Removable Pads

All bras have their own style of padding or lack of. Some bras might have rounded pads and push-up padding while others have no padding at all. To ensure your bra is comfortable, consider buying one with removable pads.

This gives you the option of having no padding or replacing the padding with different pads of your choice, which might be more comfortable. You can refer to this site for more information about buying padding separately.

Find You a Comfy Bra Today

No one wants to feel stuck in an uncomfortable bra. Finding a comfy bra is essential, but even more so when planning to travel. No matter how long your flight or car trip is, you deserve to be in complete comfort.

Use the information listed here to help you find a variety of comfortable bras. For more fashion and lifestyle topics, check back here daily.

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