How to Combat Cyber Threats when Using Free Antivirus Software?

by Manish Singh

Antivirus is an essential software program for your device. For keeping your data and device secure, you need to install a good antivirus on your device. Antivirus is available in both paid and freeware plans. For better protection, you should install a security program that can handle all the malware as well as internet threats. Norton activate product key provides various advanced tools for your device to keep the data and network security. Internet protection features are available on paid antivirus plans. Some free antivirus programs also provide basic cybersecurity features but if you want better protection than you may have to adopt a few cybersecurity measures.

Before installing the free antivirus plan, you must inspect all the functions of antivirus. Install antivirus which provides cyber protection features like Wi-Fi Inspector and secure browsing. Make sure you install a reliable antivirus program on your device. There are various free antivirus programs that carry malicious content or third party programs. Install freeware that can protect robust protection.

Update OS and software programs

Malware can easily enter the outdated OS. If you are using freeware and using the internet then you must take care of your OS. You must keep your OS updated in an account for keeping the device secure. If your OS is updated then malware can’t breach the OS interface. Whenever new threats appear, the OS provides a new update to fix the patches. Windows provides an automatic update feature where the OS updates itself whenever a new update appears. But if your auto-update feature is disabled then you have to update your OS manually. You must check for the updates and whenever you see a new update then install it immediately.

Updating Windows 10 device:

  1. Close the running programs and press the Windows button
  2. Click on settings
  3. Navigate to Update and Security
  4. Press the Windows Update button

If any update is available then it will start downloading otherwise you will get a You’re up to date notification. Along with your OS, you should always keep your other installed programs up to date.

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Always click on secure sites

When you search for something on the internet; you see various result pages. Some of the pages are secure whereas there can be many pages that contain malware. For keeping your data secure, you should only access the secure sites. If your antivirus provides a secure browsing feature then it will show which pages are secure and which are not. But you merely get browser security features on free antivirus. So, you should check for https while accessing the URL. Check for https or padlock sign on the URL. If you see the https on URL then the site is secure. Https ensures that the site is not monitoring your credits. You can also use Https Everywhere tool for better protection. Https everywhere is a secure web protocol that enables SSL on your entire website.

Use strong password

You need a password to keep your account secure. Your password should be strong enough that no one can guess it. Using a password like a phone number, Date of birth can be guessed by anyone. You should create a meaningless password with some alphanumeric and special characters. Make sure to use a unique password for every account.

Keep you social network secure

Cybercriminals can also use social media for the attack. You should use social media securely. Always keep your profile private so only your known person can see your posts. Never share personal information like phone number, address on social media.

You should also keep your internet browser secure. You should check every program before installing whether it is secure to install or not. You should regularly scan your device to flush out all the malware from the device.

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