How To Do Self-Care Routine In The Office

How To Do Self-Care Routine In The Office

by Bryn Fest

Your office could be a second “home” for you. Seeing that every day you could spend almost 9 hours a day at your office to work.

That’s why you need to try to get yourself comfortable when you are at the office. But sometimes you can’t help it, there is always a situation or demand that could make you feel angry, upset, or uncomfortable. It will affect your feeling, and might also affect your working quality. Keep in mind that being comfortable or having a sense of peace could help you to always stay productive, and do your work happily.

Having a good breakfast is the KEY

Happy tummy means happy people. Thus why it is very important to pay attention to your nutritional intake during breakfast. Having breakfast beforehand could ensure you are truly awake and could be more productive when you are working. Moreover, having a chance to have breakfast during the morning shows that you have sufficient time to prepare yourself before working. Preparing calmly and not in a hurry before working, is a good thing to start the day.

Vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates can be an option for you to choose from for breakfast. Keep in mind that a healthy breakfast can improve your mood, which helps to make you feel happy.

Listening to your favorite music

Not only when you are tired, but music can also restore your spirit when you are feeling sleepy (something that is not uncommon when you are at the office!) Listening to your favorite music will make you feel more relaxed and at ease in doing your work activities throughout the day. When you start to feel tired, you can play your favorite music and listen to it through earphones. For some people, listening to music during work could also help them to concentrate.

Short meditate

Take a few minutes to do a short meditation by sitting comfortably, closing your eyes, and taking a deep breath. You can do this while listening to relaxing music or the sound of nature. There are many benefits that you could have from practicing meditation before going to work. It could help to clear your mind from negative emotions and thoughts, which will also help to reduce anxiety levels. Your concentration and focus on what needs to be accomplished at work could be greatly impacted.

You can also practice meditation during your break, or whenever you feel uneasy during your working hour. You only need a couple of minutes to do a short meditation, and the impact that you’ll have is extraordinary.

Be brave to say NO

Being professional while in the working set is a must. However, that doesn’t mean you have to always accept everything that’s bestowed upon you, especially if it’s not part of your scope of work. Learn to have the courage to say ‘no’ and to reject things that are actually outside your responsibility.

For example, if your employer asks you to help to clean the office because the office doesn’t hire a janitor you can decline if you don’t want to. If it’s only happened once or twice, you can put an effort to help. After all, having a clean office will be beneficial for everyone (including you). But if it happens too often and it makes you feel too tired to focus on your work or makes you feel like you have to give a lot of time or effort to do it, you can reject it. You are hired as a staff member who has other responsibilities aside from being “a part” of the cleaning team. You are paid to finish your scope of work. You have a right to reject it. You can tell your employer that you don’t have the time or energy to help clean the office, and suggest your employer to instead hire a cleaner from Luce Office, one of the most reliable cleaning teams.

Socialize with the team at the office

Socializing with coworkers will help to boost your sense of comfort and happiness during working time. This will help to create a positive atmosphere for yourself when you are in the office. Moreover, by having reliable coworkers you will also have extra support from people who will understand if you have certain struggles in your workplace.

Try to always work only during working hours

Instead of spending all your time in the office, you can do other activities that you like to do. Try to manage your work time as efficiently as possible so that you can go home on time and/or avoid bringing work home. Working efficiently only during your working hours will surely help to make you more productive. It will also help you make sure you have a healthy body and mind.

Working remotely or taking a break

If your employer allows you to work outside the office, you should take this opportunity from time to time. Working remotely, outside the office will help to provide you with a new exciting atmosphere. Try to work in cafes, parks, or other places, and experience the benefits of increasing productivity.

Trying to maintain a self-care routine in your workplace could help minimize your getting more stressed or bored. Thus, it will also help you to endure any pressure that you have to face during working with a positive attitude. Being positive does not just help to maintain your stress level, but also makes you become a reliable staff member and helps to speed up your career level. Many people, especially employers, love to have positive people who can manage their work and emotions greatly in the workplace.

Do this regularly to make you feel happy even when there are a lot of workloads you need to do. Start caring and loving yourself more by maintaining a self-care routine!

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