How to Increase Instagram Followers?

How to Increase Instagram Followers?

by Manish Singh

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps growing into an online marketplace these days. People use the app either for personal use for making friends or for expanding their business. In terms of the professional world, you can see a lot of competition among businesses, brands or content creators. Many enterprise owners or influencers try their best to stand out from the crowd and strengthen their online presence on Instagram. However, many of them are unable to achieve their desired business target due to several reasons including, tough competition, incorrect business strategy, disengagement with your customers or audience, posting irrelevant and inconsistent content on Instagram etc. In this article, we will discuss two methods to increase your Instagram followers. The first method is- increasing the audience organically whereas, the second method involves purchasing Instagram followers. So, let’s start.

How to Increase Instagram followers organically? 

Before knowing the methods to boost Instagram followers organically, it’s crucial to understand that this method requires patience, time and effort to grow your reach in the audience. Moreover, you need to be consistent with your work and engage with the audience regularly. Now, let’s know some tips to increase your followers over Instagram.

  • Optimize your Instagram account or profile

It is the most significant step that every influencer or business owner needs to follow. In this step, you need to improve your username, bio, profile picture and description. So, the people can understand the motive behind your business, services or products as well as could relate themselves with your brand.

  • Publish the content regularly. 

Publishing the content timely is the most effective way to interact with your audience. It is crucial to connect with them on the regular basis. So, they can trust your brand and find some value in it. If you want to publish your content, you can maintain a calendar mentioning the day, date and time. So, you may not miss publishing any post.

  • Post relevant and unique content for your followers 

If you wish to boost public interaction on your profile, then it’s significant to realize the requirement of posting relevant and new content for your audience.

By posting fresh content every time will let you know that what type of content your followers like the most. To filter the content, you can evaluate the performance of all the posts which you had published to date. After evaluation, you’ll see that a few of your posts performed better than the other posts. With this, you can detect the popular hashtags, captions, content types that got a great response from the audience. Thereupon use a similar format to interact with your followers.

  • Speak to your followers 

To promote your business, brand, products and services, it’s vital to connect and speak to your audience. However, there are numerous ways to engage with people. For instance, organizing campaigns, contests, parties, virtual get together allowing people to interact with each other and talk about your enterprise.

Moreover, you should also reply to the likes, comments, shares and questions asked by customers to feel that you care about them.

  • Partner with Instagram influencers

If the budget doesn’t limit you, get partnered with Instagram influencers to boost the number of followers on the platform. A prestigious influencer will promote your brand, products or services on his personal Instagram profile. So, your business could reach potential customers, thereby increasing your audience base.

Now, it’s time to take insights into tips to increase Instagram followers through purchasing the audience.

How to Buy Authentic Instagram Followers?

If you’re a newbie to Instagram, it might be tough for you to develop and expand your social media presence. However, you can go ahead with buying Instagram followers if you don’t have enough time and effort to grow them organically.

If you don’t want to compromise on your brand image and generate potentials leads, buy followers from an authentic seller.

Read the tips given to discard fake sellers and Instagram followers.

  • Purchase active Instagram profiles 

Active Instagram profiles have active status over the platform. The app verifies these accounts or profiles and determines their authenticity. It means that the profiles belong to legitimate followers.

You can purchase these followers from a credible seller. Typically, the sellers ask about your popular hashtags, target customers, type of content you might want to use again, expected growth, your competitors etc.

These questions will assist the sellers so they can analyze the circumstances and make modifications in the existing business strategy based on interests, demographics and locations.

  • Be aware of fake followers.

Most businesses prefer to buy followers from those sellers who sell them at low costs. These prices tempt them to make a devasting deal that may destroy their brand image. It increases the probability of getting fake followers instead of a real audience.

Fake followers will divert the potential buyers to your competitors as they won’t find value in your products and will gradually lose trust in you.

Besides, the fake followers won’t refer your services to their friends or family neither they’ll let genuine customers spread a word of mouth about your business.  So, if you plan to buy followers, check for the rates and authenticity of the profiles.

  • Connect with legitimate dealers

If you want to protect yourself from getting scammed by fake followers, look for the techniques used by the sellers to make a difference between a fraud dealer and a genuine one.

Check the given tactics, generally followed by the fake dealers.

  1. Conduct follow and unfollow tactics to buy Instagram followers.
  2. Connect with irrelevant profiles or accounts that lack legitimacy.
  3. Don’t get higher recommendations from people.
  4. Don’t possess good ratings about the services provided.
  5. The sellers don’t give any information about your profile’s growth.
  6. These dealers don’t have a good reputation among people who want to purchase followers.

If you see any of these faults in the seller, don’t buy Instagram profiles from them or else, you’ll waste your time, money and effort.

  • See the improvement in your Instagram profile. 

Ask your dealer to give you the data and statistics related to your profile’s growth. The data is necessary to analyze the mistakes in your current tactics. So, you can make the changes to it.

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