How to Plan an Intimate Yet Memorable Wedding Ceremony

How to Plan an Intimate Yet Memorable Wedding Ceremony

by Bryn Fest

Often, the amount of money people spend on getting married is frankly astounding, and as aesthetically stunning their ceremonies and reception venues undoubtedly are, one could argue that all this pomp, circumstance, and grandeur may sometimes detract from the purpose of marriage in the first place.

So, for whatever personal reason you and your partner have, if you are set on organizing a more intimate and sentimental wedding celebration, then continue reading for a comprehensive guide on how to plan one.

Choose a Less Popular Venue

If you and your partner are intent on booking a smaller and more intimate wedding ceremony and reception, then the key to achieving this tone and feel of the entire day and evening is to choose a much less popular wedding venue that is off the proverbial beaten track.

The beauty of having a smaller venue (and therefore guest list, as discussed below) is that you can hire out an entire restaurant, for example, to ensure that there are no regular drinkers in the other room; that no one else wanders through to use the facilities; and that essentially you have the entire venue for you, your new husband or wife, and your loved ones.

Hire a Passionate Professional Photographer

As you and your soon-to-be spouse are firmly focused on a sentimental, less “showy” and altogether more authentic and subtle wedding day, it is important to research the right wedding photographer who understands your needs.

A reputable and established Chicago wedding photographer will take the time to hold several meetings with both you and your partner ahead of the wedding day itself.

Remember, Lighting is Your Friend

One of the greatest tools available to you is the wealth of lighting tips, tricks, and devices to create a truly warm, welcoming, and memorable atmosphere.

The lighting can set the right tone from the moment your first guest walks through the door, in the following ways:

  • Place warm white string lights through the trees and bushes
  • Hang subtle lights around the front and around the back of the altar
  • Look into a small and beautifully decorated light canopy for the evening reception
  • Use small solar powered lights around the entrance of the building itself

Be Exclusive When it Comes to Your Guest List

Often, you hear of brides and grooms who spend hours agonizing over who to invite and even settling on inviting one or more people to the entirety of their wedding ceremony (including the evening reception) who they don’t even particular like or get along with.

It is crucial, therefore, to remember that this is your special day: one of the biggest and most sentimental days of your entire life, and therefore, you and your partner are literally the only two people who have to be happy with the guest list—no matter how awkward it is when any family member or friend attempts to protest.

The smaller and more exclusive your wedding guest list, the more intimate, special, and warm your ceremony will feel.

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