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How to plan your gold investments in India

by Manish Singh

Gold is an integral part of Indian culture. It is a symbol that indicates wealth in our society. There are several reasons why people buy gold. People who belong to the Hindu section of the society buy gold during festivals since it is considered auspicious for them. Gold is directly proportional to our wealth when the market price is at its maximum level. People use gold as an asset and sometimes buy it for investment purposes too. Gold is a very stable asset as compared to the stock market corrections, high inflation, social instability, etc. However, the rates of gold keep fluctuating. Proddatur is known as the city of gold and the gold rate today in Proddatur is Rs. 4,533 per gram for 22K gold. Keep a track of gold rate in Proddatur every day by visiting here.

How to plan gold investments?

One of the major characteristics of gold is that it can easily be invested and there are various ways available too in order to invest the gold.

  • Physical gold- The tradition of buying physical gold is old but still a useful one. People purchase gold coins or bars in the physical form and make jewellery out of them. When someone buys jewellery, they not only pay the price of gold but also the jewellery making charges which can be up to 15 per cent more than the actual gold price.
  • Gold ETFs- ETF refers to the Exchange-traded Funds. These are similar to stocks and require a trading and Demat account. These are also traded on bourses similar to stocks. 90 per cent of the investment goes into physical gold and the rest of the amount goes into debt instruments. The gold ETFs are also listed on NSE and BSE and thus can be transacted easily.
  • Gold funds- These are entities that deal with the shares of the organizations that operate in gold or similar services. Gold funds are handled by the fund managers. These investments are ideal for people who do not want to take any risk. People can invest in multiple companies instead of putting all their savings into one organization.
  • Gold fund of funds- These are also known as mutual funds and are invested in the gold ETFs. This method is very easy and user-friendly in nature. There are no prerequisites for this investment such as a Demat account. People who invest through this method do not have to worry about the constant monitoring of the investment portfolio.
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds- Also called as SGBs, are the investment issued by the RBI timely. A new window is opened for a fresh sale of SGBs after every two to three months. The tenure of the bond is eight years. People can exit after the completion of the fourth year.

Gold is one of the most popular forms of investment. People should know the current rates in their cities and you can find all this information such as gold rate in Varanasi, Bangalore, Ranchi, etc by clicking here. Investors also need to understand the kind of investments they want to do depending upon the situation.

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