How to play a slot machine for free?

How to play a slot machine for free?

by Bryn Fest

Are you tempted by the adventure of the free slot machine? We understand you! If like thousands of players you want to start the adventure now at one of the selected online casinos, here is the procedure to follow

1. Select an online casino

The easiest way is to trust the gaming experts and choose from a defined list of the best casinos currently available. You will then only have to click on the redirect link to find yourself in the lobby!

2. Choose a slot machine

Once you are on the platform, go to the “Games” section then “Slot machines”. You can select a game that you like thanks to different filters, by type of machine, by options, theme, supplier or even by popularity.

3. Click on the “Demo Mode” button

To do this, you usually only have to hover over the game and then click on “Demo mode”. A game will then start in demo mode and you will directly receive a balance of virtual money. This fictitious amount can sometimes go up to 100,000 USD depending on the machine! Note that with the demo mode, you cannot generate any real winnings.

4. Consult the rules of the game

The purpose of a free game is that you can experience the selected slot without any risk. Take the opportunity to take the time to read the paytable, see the different symbols and really understand the rules of the game.

5. Place your bet

You are now ready to play a free slot. All you have to do is enter the fictitious bet amount, then start the spin! You can play as much as you want, without any risk of losing your capital. As you can see, it’s absolutely not rocket science. All player profiles can launch a free slot machine in just a few clicks and seconds. What are you waiting for to start your adventure?

Guide to the Different Types of Free Slot Machines

The world of gaming and free slot machines is very vast. In reality, there are a lot of types of slots available at the best casinos. To know which one will suit you best, you must know them! Here are the different free slot machines that you will find online:

Free Classic Slots

Conventional machines are generally made up of only 3 rollers and are very easy to operate. The fact that they are free especially allows beginners to understand how they work without having to spend a penny.

Online 3D Slots

These slots are created with 3D animations. Players are totally immersed in the scenery of the game thanks to the very worked graphics as well as the soundtracks.

Video Slots

Video slot games are the most sought after by players. This is due to the dynamic and fun graphics but also the many paylines and bonus rounds.

Progressive Slots

You must have already noticed slot machines that could reach incredible amounts of winnings. This is a progressive jackpot slot. Their operation is very easy, a percentage of all bets made on this game is collected in a pot that can drop at any time. It is enough for a combination of symbols to appear for the player to win this jackpot.

Mobile Slots

A large part of the players today play from their smartphone because it allows them to play games when they want. In order to adapt to its market, publishers have had to optimize their slots available on PC so that they perform well on mobile. Most slots are now optimized for all devices.

After all, the demo mode has certain advantages for players that are not necessarily available when playing for real money. Looking for a reputable online casino? Why don’t you just visit

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