How To Rejuvenate Your Skin

How To Rejuvenate Your Skin

by Manish Singh

No one wants dull skin, and unfortunately, it can be a very common issue. There are many factors that can cause this dullness, which means that getting down to the issue can take time; however, skin can easily be rejuvenated, and we are here to show you how!

Read this piece for some top tips on how you can rejuvenate your skin and reduce a dull appearance.

What Actually Causes Dull Skin?

There can be many factors involved when it comes to dull skin, which is why the process of elimination is often the best port of call to find out what the issues are. However, commonly, dehydration is a fast one way ticket for skin that is looking a little lackluster, so upping your water intake should help immediately.

Other issues such as a buildup of dead skin, a lack of moisturizer, and an excessive dryness can also make the skin appear dull.

Get Hydrated

As previously mentioned, dehydration can cause problems all over the body, not just with the skin, which is why it is important to be hydrated, whatever your skin looks like. If your skin is looking dry, most people will head straight for the moisturizer, which will only do so much.
You need to hydrate from the inside out to make an actual difference to the hydration levels of your skin, rather than superficial progress, which is what moisturizer often does.
That being said, moisturizer works well at helping your skin retain water, which is why it can still be beneficial, even if you are dehydrated.

Remove Excess Dry Skin

Dry skin can make the skin appear extremely dull, no matter where it is on the body.
Exfoliation is one of the fastest ways to improve the appearance of your skin, and there are many different routes you can take.
Liquid exfoliators are popular for some skin types, whereas others might prefer a more manual scrub – though be careful with overdoing it for either of them, as over-exfoliation can disrupt the skin barrier, giving you a whole host of other different issues.

Use New Tools

There are many new facial tools on the market right now that are extremely popular with those who are avid fans of skincare. Tools such as Gua Sha uses for lymph drainage offer a fuss and chemical-free treatment that people can do in their own homes. If you are looking for something that will give your skin multiple benefits, you could try something such as microcurrent therapy. This treatment uses microcurrents to stimulate the skin, which can rejuvenate the skin in a number of ways, such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, encourage recovery of damaged tissue, enhance the penetration of any serums used, and can also improve muscle tone in the face and neck.

Limit Alcohol Intake

We all know alcohol is not the best thing for our bodies – it is a toxin, after all. And while you might think about the main side effects which result in many of us nursing what is known as a hangover, the skin is also just another organ that is suffering too.
Alcohol can have permanent effects on blood vessels, damaging them to the point where faces stay red and blotchy. It also leaches vitamins and minerals from the body, which are vital to maintaining a healthy complexion.
If you do like a glass of wine with your dinner, then be sure to supplement with vitamins, and drink plenty of water to counteract the harsh effects.

Use SPF Daily

There is a common misconception that SPF should only be used in the hottest months when you are venturing out into the sun, but the truth is, is that exposure to any daylight can start causing your skin cells to age and break down. This is due to the UV rays that are emitted by the sun.
UV rays can cause skin cancer after high levels of exposure, cause hyperpigmentation, brown spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin issues, which is why it is so important to protect against them.
While it is definitely worthwhile lathering up with a higher SPF factor on those warmer days, do not skip SPF in winter or other times where you might not worry about it. As long as there is daylight, there are UV rays. That being said, make sure you do get unprotected sun exposure for 20 minutes a day for Vitamin D absorption, which is crucial to the health of your body and mind.

Before embarking on your new rejuvenation journey, be sure to check that your chosen tools are right for you and your skin and be aware of any health risks. For example, those with pacemakers or metal implants should check with a doctor before using microcurrent treatments.

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