How to Reset RCA Universal Remote?

by Ella Wheeler

How to Reset RCA Universal Remote?

Every time when you feel trouble using your RCA universal remote you don’t need to replace it with a new remote. If your universal RCA remote is unable to control your electronics devices or no longer working you can reset it to the default factory setting. When you reset your RCA remote memory to troubleshoot your remote control, this will erase any programming codes available in the remote memory. The reset process is likewise similar to reformatting an Mp3 player. After resetting the remote to its factory setting, it will allow you to start the remote programming process from the start with your television & other electronics devices. The process is quite simple and easy to follow and can be done in just a few steps. After resetting the remote you need to pair it again with each of the devices to check if it’s working.

How to Reset RCA Universal Remote Guides

There are a few steps that you need to follow to reset your RCA universal remote:

  • Slide down or pull the battery compartment of your RCA remote available on its back side.
  • Take off the batteries from the universal remote. Flip the remote so you can look at its numeric buttons.
  • Press & hold the “1” key on the rca remote for 60 seconds. Release the key and wait for 10 seconds. Repeat the same step for 2 to 4 seconds to clear the remote memory.
  • Place the remote batteries back in the remote and put the back cover on the remote. Now the rca remote is ready to program again.

RCA Universal Remote Manual:

A remote manual is a user guide that comes along with your RCA universal remote package. The manual guide has all the information about the universal remote you have purchased along with the instructions to program or pair with your electronics devices. The remote manual also has the remote codes list that you need to set up the remote control. To know about your remote’s specification and its functionalities the user manual plays an important role. So, before programming the remote control you need to check it’s requirements, codes and follow the steps available in the user manual.

RCA Universal Remote Go Back Button Not Working:

If your RCA universal remote is working fine except the back button of your remote, then open the back compartment of the remote and take out the batteries. Replace the remote batteries to new one, and also make sure that the TV device is completely up to date. If all these things don’t work. Try resetting the remote control by taking the remote batteries out. And hold down the power key for at least 10 sec. If still the remote doesn’t work, then you may need to order a new RCA remote.

How to Reprogram a RCA Universal Remote?

There are many methods to how to program rca universal remote like direct code entry, auto-code search, and manual method. You can try remote programming using any of these methods depending on your choice. Both direct code and manual methods need universal remote codes to pair the remote control with your devices. But if you didn’t find the valid codes for your universal remote then you can auto code search programming method to setup the remote control. Here we have updated step by step to program a universal remote using the auto-code search method.


  • Firstly, Turn on your device that you wish to program like a TV or Blu–ray player. Here we have taken an example of a TV Device.
  • Tap & release the device category button like TV. The remote’s power on/off key will illuminate and remain lit.
  • Then, Simultaneously tap & hold the TV key and the power on/off keys. The power key light will turns off. It will turn back after a moment.
  • Release both the keys you were holding after on/off button light turns on. It remains on.
  • Now tap & release the play key on your RCA remote. If the device you were programming doesn’t turn off after 5 seconds, continue to hit the play button every 5 seconds until the TV turns off.
  • Then click on and release the reverse key. Wait to check if the TV device turns on back and click on it every 3 seconds until the device is on.
  • Tap & leave the stop key to save the programming for the device in the remote’s memory.
  • Repeat the same steps for each of the device you wants to pair with your remote.

Final words:

This article is all about troubleshooting a RCA universal remote using various methods like resetting the remote setup, replacing the batteries etc. Hope you find it useful to fix your RCA universal remote control. Please share your feedback and suggestions about this article to make further improvements via comments.

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