How to Set Up a Universal Remote to a Samsung TV

How to Set Up a Universal Remote to a Samsung TV

by Manish Singh

If you have lost or damage your Samsung TV remote and wants to program a replacement remote then a universal remote is the perfect choice to setup and control your device. All you need to ensure two things, first is the remote has working batteries and the another one is you are able to aim the remote control to your Samsung TV device. if here the link is broken you need to restart the programming process. Please have a look at various Samsung TV universal remote control programming methods with step by step instructions:

Universal Remote Direct Code Entry Method

The best way to program a universal remote is to enter the samsung dvd remote codes that recognizes the device you want to operate. Codes may be available through a code sheet or webpage where they are listed by remote type and brand.

  • Switch on the device you want to operate.
  • Tap & hold on the device key from the universal remote. The led light for device and power key will illuminate.
  • With the device key on remote held down, Enter the remote code for the device brand. If the remote brand has more than one code, begin with the initial one. As you enter the remote code, the power key will turn off on the remote. s
  • After you have enter the code, keep holding down the device key. If the power key controls light up & stay lit then the code you have entered is correct.
  • If the power key blinks many times, then the code entered is not valid. Until the right code works, you need to repeat the code entering step.
  • After successful programming, check the universal remote for the basic functions of your device.

Universal Remote Auto Code Search Method

If you don’t have access to universal remote codes for your Samsung TV then you can use the auto code search method.

  • Turn on the Samsung TV you wish to setup remote control.
  • Tap & release the Device key from your remote associated with your device you are programming the remote.
  • Tap the device key again as well as the power key same time. The power button will turns off and turn on back again.
  • Release both the keys.
  • Tap & release the Play key from the remote and wait for a few seconds and check if the device you wish to program turns off. If so, remote has found the correct code. if still the device is turn on, click on  play again and go through the waiting & turn off process. Do this until the device switched off.
  • Now tap & release the reverse keys from your universal remote every 2 seconds until the device switch on back again. When it does, the remote has found the right code.
  • Tap the stop key to save the code.
  • Try out several remote functions and check if they work for your device.

Universal Remote Branch Code Search Method

This is similar to auto code search method, but you can narrow down your search to a specific remote brand.

  • Turn on the device
  • Locate the brand code from the code list come with the universal remote control.
  • Tap & hold on the device key you wants to program. When the LED for that key turns on and remain lit, keep holding down the key.
  • While holding the device key, click and hold the power key. The power button should lighten up.
  • Release the device & power key. The device key should remain on.
  • Now enter the first remote code for your brand using numeric pad of remote. the led light will remain lit for that particular device.
  • Click on and release the power repeatedly until the device you are programming switches off.
  • Press Stop to store the code
  • Use remote keys to check if the device can be operated using the remote.

Universal Remote Manual Code Search Method

Instead of scanning all the codes, brands automatically, you can also program the remote by enter & checking each code at a time. This process will take longer than other methods.

  • Turn on your Samsung TV device
  • Tap & hold on the particular device & power keys on the remote same time. Wait until the power key starts lightening and then release both the keys.
  • Aim the remote control at the TV or another device, tap the power key on the remote and wait for 2 seconds.
  • If the power on or device turns off, then the remote has found the valid universal remote code.
  • Click on stop to save the remote code.
  • If the device doesn’t switch off, tap the power key again so that remote test next code from the code database. Perform the same steps until the remote programmed successfully.

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