How to use the gamble feature in slots?

How to use the gamble feature in slots?

by Bryn Fest

Playing UK online slots is a risky pastime and this is because all the results are random. Players do not have any control over whether they win lose or draw, because slot games are not skill-based. Instead of relying on certain talents such as those that can be brought to a poker game, the fate of slot players lies exclusively in the hands of technology and in particular, a computer microchip called a Random Number Generator.

This RNG is solely in charge of generating number sequences 24/7 and each one relates to a symbol on a slot game reel platform. It is whether these numbers and the related slot symbols fall in line and come together favourably in an individual spin, that is the difference between winning and losing.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a standard spin in a base game, or part of a special feature, every result is down to the RNG being your friend or foe. Even if you trigger a free spins bonus round, the quality of your bonus spins is again all down to this microchip.

The Gamble Feature on Slots Explained

The more experienced slot players may have noticed a gamble feature on slot games. Many choose to ignore it whilst others use it because it offers the ultimate gambling thrill. However, the bottom line here is that the gamble feature allows you to double or lose all your winnings at a press of a bottom and the results are yet again all down to the RNG. Whether or not you choose to use this feature all depends on whether you think the Random Number Generator is random or fixed to balance the casino books.

Stick or Twist

What you should know before you even contemplate using this feature is that even though it offers a 50/50 chance of doubling your money, it often ends in a loss of punter’s hard-earned cash.

The gamble feature works by allowing you to risk all after a winning spin, some games offer a gamble or spin option. If you want to stick and not risk your winnings, all you do is press spin to carry on playing. However, some games present players with a ‘collect’ icon instead and you press this to collect your winnings and carry on as normal. Certain games such as Book of Christmas only offer a gamble option if a win is large when compared to the original stake.

Gambling Laws and Slot Features

The gamble feature has recently come under detailed scrutiny by the UK Gambling Commission. They have also paid close attention to quick spin features and auto-play modes that many slots still have.

The bad news for punters is that all these features are slowly being fazed out to help protect punters and to reinforce the safer gambling message. Therefore, if you are a fan of the gamble feature, your days of being able to double your cash or lose it all on a flip of a card, are well and truly numbered.

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