How to Utilize a Key Opinion Leader to Push Your Business’s Digital Growth

by Manish Singh

Today, digital is the new frontier for business growth. The most talked-about company globally is Amazon, whose founder took the digital frontier to launch a global e-commerce giant. Its success has seen the founder, Jeff Bezos, rise to become the richest man on the planet with over $204.6 billion worth of assets under his name. If you take the right strategy when pushing your company’s digital growth, you too can achieve great success. Including a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in a digital marketing campaign is a fast-rising trend that you should also embrace.

Who Are Key Opinion Leaders?

KOLs are reputable members of society who have specialized in various fields professionally. Most of the time, the general public and organizations seek their insights about different subjects in their niche. They are usually among the best in their fields of specialization and boast of vast experience and expertise. They are sometimes called upon by media outlets to share their expert opinion with the public through interviews, opinion columns in newspapers, and blogposts.

Are Influencers Kols?

The vast majority of influencers are not KOLs, but most KOLs are influencers. The primary difference is that influencers are just popular figures on social media whom people idolize. On the other hand, a Key Opinion Leader is a professional who has made a name for themselves for their expertise. Some of them have grown so popular online that they have also become influencers on social media.

How Are Brands Achieving Digital Growth By Leveraging KOLs?

In a market full of influencers, KOLs have the upper hand in many aspects of marketing. These include;

Enable the Brand to Target the Right Audience

Unlike influencers, KOLs have a particular audience. Let’s say you are a brand dealing with cookware and are looking to do a digital marketing campaign. You have a more prosperous campaign if you choose Gordon Ramsey as the face of your campaign. This is because the celebrity-chef is a KOL and has a massive following of people who are passionate about cooking. Thus, you will be delivering your marketing content to the right audience.

Deliver Better Sales

Still on the cookware company example, assuming you have a choice to run an Instagram marketing campaign with Dan Bilzerian or Gordon Ramsey – a Key Opinion Leader, who would you go for? As Gordon Ramsey is a renowned chef and has a massive following of cooking enthusiasts who can be your customers, which will be the right choice. You can expect more sales with Ramsey, as cooking enthusiasts and chefs globally trust that what he uses or recommends is the best.

Incorporate Data Analytics to KOL Marketing Strategy

You might have the best Key Opinion Leader for your target audience, but this is not enough for you to unlock the full potential of your marketing campaign. You also need to incorporate data analytics into your marketing strategy. Data analytic tools allow you to get insights into your target market, competitors, and emerging trends. You can use these insights to design your digital market campaign to be more engaging to reach a wider audience. Moreover, you can tune it to be effective in driving increased sales. NetBase Quid is a top data analytics platform that offers industry-leading services to businesses of all sizes.

More About NetBase Quid

This company offers a consumer and market intelligence platform trusted and used by big companies like Walmart, Edelman, Nutrisystem, Ogilvy, and Coca-Cola. Its data analytics tools help businesses protect their brand health and boost their marketing campaigns’ performance. In addition to this, NetBase Quid’s tools help companies improve their competitive advantage, crisis management, and product innovation.

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