How to win jackpot king progressive slot games?

How to win jackpot king progressive slot games?

by Bryn Fest

Jackpots are a major draw in today’s slot gaming world, and the reason is that they offer players the chance to win life-changing amounts of money, all from a single spin. There are various jackpots up for grabs and some are dependent on the size of the spin value gamblers choose to play at. Here, the more valuable the spin, the higher the jackpots that can be won – click here now.

The average online casino will house slots that boast mini, minor, major, grand, mega, daily, and progressive jackpots. For the most part, it is the progressive jackpots that are the most lucrative, but this is only the case if they haven’t been won over many months. This is because they continue to grow and are fed by a percentage of every player’s wagering. The more gamblers that chase the jackpots, the bigger they become. Progressive jackpots are behind the biggest ever pay-outs, the record was set in October 2015, when a UK citizen won £13.2 million whilst playing the Mega Moolah slot.

Jackpot King

One of the most famous of all the progressive jackpots that can be won in the current slot gaming world is the Jackpot King. This was introduced by the slot developer Blueprint Gaming and has turned a small number of individuals into slot gaming millionaires.

Jackpot King: How it Works

The Jackpot King is a network of slots that are linked to the Jackpot King network. Every person that spins these slots, contributes to the jackpot prizes. To play a slot game that is part of the network, all that needs to be done, is for players to look out for the Jackpot King logo on the slot game banner. Blueprint Gaming slots are at the centre of the games that are part of this network, and all players can win the huge jackpots, no matter what spin-stake is chosen. Some individuals have won millions of pounds whilst playing 20p spins, and this is what makes this jackpot so appealing to the gaming public.

Jackpot King Slots

Once a Jackpot King slot has been loaded, players need to play the slot game as normal. However, if 5 Jackpot King logos land in the centre of the reels, then the slot screen pauses, and players are taken to a second screen, where the Jackpot King game can be played. This involves collecting King’s Crowns, the more that fill the reels the better. After each spin, players must pick an icon to continue the game and progress towards better and bigger multipliers. The aim of the game is to continue spinning until players advance to the Wheel King. Here is where the 3 progressive jackpots lie amongst normal and large multipliers.

To win a progressive jackpot, the Wheel King must stop on the Royal, Regal, or the Jackpot King itself. The size of each jackpot is highly dependant on the size of the casino brand that houses the Jackpot King. The bigger casinos have the biggest prizes, and here the Jackpot King can be worth a few million pounds. The Royal and Regal pots are the smaller prizes, and these can offer a prize fund of several thousands of pounds. Any of the 3 jackpots are well-worth winning because even a few grand is a nice return on a slot gaming session.

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