How typing faster can save you time

How typing faster can save you time

by Manish Singh

It is so obvious that many people use most of their time in front of their computers. It does not matter which position you hold at your workplace. Most jobs need you to make reports and analyze data using your personal computer. There are those kinds of people who are very fast at typing. Hence finishing their work in a couple of minutes, and then some type very slowly, and they waste a lot of time on a report. Someone will ask, what differentiates the 2nd from the 1st one? Well, here is the answer. The 2nd ones type very slowly, and they finish their work late. While the 1st ones type faster and they get to finish their work in time.

Another sector where you need to have speed and accuracy is writing articles and writing content. If you want to succeed in that area, you need to be skillful. But the skill that you need most is the skill of typing faster. Some need about 15mins to complete an article of five hundred words, and then there those who require some few hours to complete an article of one thousand words.

How typing faster can save you time

On WritingJobz, we will give some tips on how you can type faster so that you can save time. And we will give some reasons why you must learn to type faster.

The process of learning how to type faster is easy if you have your laptop every time.

How to begin?

To learn how to type faster and reach the target you are targeting; you need to understand how fast you are typing quickly.

Various programs can help you to understand or know the speed that you are typing. You just run the program, and you test yourself on the speed. It is very vital. Because you can make a goal, and you aim at it. The average speed that most people take is about 40 words in 60 secs. But for the professionals, it is about seventy words in 60 secs.

According to research, when your speed is about fifty words per minute. Then you will not have problems completing your tasks faster.

Although you can manage to type six hundred words in 12 minutes, you will not finish an article of one thousand words in twenty-four minutes. Begin slowly, and then you can start upgrading your speed. Even if you can type 20 words per minute, it is not bad. It is a good start.


Now you know your speed at which you type. The next thing that you can do is to start having a class typing. The good thing today is that people use the internet, and typing is inevitable. There are so many tools that you can use to learn how to type faster.

There are websites that you can visit, and then you start your lessons to type faster. They will give the rudiments of typing, and then later they give the real hard part of typing.

Another aspect of working on is work on your sitting. A lot of people have no idea of this trick. You see, if you do not sit well, you will not be able to position your hands well.


And also another extra tip is, try to type the correct words as you keep on progressing.

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