Instagram Post vs Story: What Are the Differences?

Instagram Post vs Story: What Are the Differences?

by Bryn Fest

Did you know that 500 million Instagram users post stories each day? Many businesses have even started mixing stories in with their daily Instagram post routine.

But do you know the distinctions between an Instagram story and a traditional post? They each have their own unique advantages and purposes when it comes to building a brand.

The following guide will explain the key differences between using an Instagram post vs story. Read on and discover how both methods work to bring likes and attention to your content.

What Is an Instagram Post?

Instagram posts are the most common type of content found on the platform. They’re the standard square photo and videos that pop up in the feeds of all your followers.

You can add captions to your post that total up to 2,200 characters in length. Most brands incorporate multiple hashtags into their posts to generate more attention and likes. You can also use sites such as to boost your content’s visibility.

Instagram Post Guide

Instagram posts show up on your profile permanently unless you intentionally remove them. Remember that your posts will likely accumulate more views the longer you leave them up.

Make sure that your posts accurately showcase your brand’s image and priorities. Post often but make sure to maintain quality with each post to keep your followers engaged.

Include a good mix of photo and video posts for your followers to view. Always include relevant hashtags and a memorable call to action at the end of each post.

What Is an Instagram Story?

Instagram Stories last a maximum of 15 seconds and vanish after 24 hours have passed. However, you can permanently feature your top stories in your profile if you wish.

After posting a story, it will show up at the top of the Instagram app instead of a user’s feed. They use a vertical video or photo format instead of the square format used for posts.

Stories typically include exclusive stickers and filters that aren’t usable for Instagram posts. Instagram stories tend to be more casual because they’re less permanent.

Instagram Story Guide

Consider using Instagram Stories for real-time engagement with your followers and take advantage of their 24-hour expiration. Try things like casual selfie videos promoting your brand or product.

Remember that stories don’t necessarily help gain more followers, but speak to your current followers. Product updates, sales, and behind-the-scenes content work well to keep loyal followers coming back for more.

Users often watch stories with their sound turned on, which is a big difference from traditional posts. Keep this in mind and choose the audio for your story wisely.

You should also make sure to use your brand’s colors and fonts to help tie your stories into your main posts. Try to keep the style of your story’s videos and pictures consistent.

Understanding Instagram Post vs Story Differences

Now you know the biggest differences when it comes to an Instagram post vs story to build your brand. Posts are polished, permanent content for your Instagram profile. Stories are fleeting, laid-back content for current followers to enjoy.

Each method has its benefits and smart Instagram users use a mix of both to find success on the platform. Check out our blog’s business category for more valuable marketing tips and tricks.

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