Is Autoplay in Online Slots a useful tool?

Is Autoplay in Online Slots a useful tool?

by Bryn Fest

When the celebrated Californian slot engineer Charles D. Fey was finishing up his ground-breaking Liberty Bell machine back in the last few years of the 1800s he must have known of the quality of his invention. In fact, it really didn’t take long for the Liberty Bell to be outrageously popular across America even though it was technically illegal, but this is still nothing compared to the monumental popularity of online slots in the 21st century. And this is something we really don’t think Charles D. Fey could have ever expected!

Oh yes, because over the last few decades in particular slot gambling has become by far and away the most well-played gambling avenue in the world. There is just no denying that fact, and with the quality of games at Slotzo coming out from the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming and Yggdrasil nowadays it looks set to continue for quite a while yet. In this article we will be asking whether autoplay in online slots is a useful tool, keep reading for a lowdown.

What is autoplay in online slots?

Okay then, before we get into answering the question of whether autoplay in online slots is a useful tool, let’s first just explain exactly what it is. These days most online slots will have an autoplay feature, and it is also something that was commonly available back in the 20th century land-based slot machine era too.

As you can probably work out from the name, autoplay in online slots is basically a way for gamblers to spin those slots reels without actually pressing any buttons. It means you can sit back and relax, whilst hopefully watching those slot wins trickle in at the same time.

A few reasons why autoplay in online slots is a useful tool

If autoplay wasn’t a useful tool for playing online slots we doubt so many developers would still be rushing to include in in their games whenever possible. But as it stands almost 90% of all online slots feature an autoplay button, so it is clear that many slot gamblers must find it really rather useful indeed. Take a look at a few of these reasons why autoplay in online slots is a useful tool:

· Stress free gambling: With autoplay on slot gamblers can kick back and relax, not having to undergo any of the stresses of constantly changing their wager for a spin. It all means you can simply watch the action unfold without really have to do anything at all.

· Multi-tasking: Sometimes during a slots session you won’t be able to put 100% of your concentration into the gambling experience, and for these cases autoplay is a great tool to help out with multi-tasking. Cooking the dinner and spinning the reels, for example. It’s made possible because of autoplay!

The best online slots with autoplay included

All this talk of autoplay has got us thinking about the best online slots with autoplay included, so here are a few favourites:

· Fluffy Favourites

· Immortal Romance

· Starburst

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