Is Slingo the same with online bingo games?

Is Slingo the same with online bingo games?

by Bryn Fest

Everyone loves bingo – is there any better way to try your luck at hitting the jackpot in such a social environment? It truly is a British classic, but there’s a new game in town – Slingo. It’s a new form of online bingo that you can play with friends, and if you’ve never heard of it then this article is for you – also try Chilli Heat Slot. We’re going to be investigating whether Slingo is the same as online bingo games, so read on to find out more! We will be looking at:

– What Slingo means

– The differences between Slingo and Bingo

– The benefits to each game

So, what is Slingo?

Slingo is a clever name made from two of our favourite things – slots and bingo! You can probably now imagine that Slingo takes the best elements of both bingo and slot games and combines them to create a whole new game! The best way we can explain it is that Slingo takes the card and number system from bingo and applies it to the gaming mechanism of slots. The experience will essentially go like this:

– Step 1: You will have a five-by-five bingo card filled with numbers, just like classic bingo.

– Step 2: You will have your own five slot numbers which you will need to match horizontally on the bingo card.

– Step 3: Make a spin, and the numbers on the reels will begin to change – make a jackpot match and you will be shouting “SLINGO!”

So, whilst Slingo has a lot in common with Bingo, it’s still different. The numbering system is still the same, and you will still need to match rows of numbers. However, instead of them being called out, you will instead receive the numbers through slot spins!

Does that mean that Slingo is better than Bingo?

The answer to this question very much depends on your preferences. Personally, we think that Slingo is in fact better than Bingo, but not all the time! We love the combination of the two game elements, and we feel like we are getting both our bingo and slots fix simultaneously. However, let’s be honest – there is nothing like joining a crowded bingo hall with your friends and having a hilarious evening of crazy bingo calls! So, if you’re feeling social then you will likely find that Slingo isn’t for you. We would say that you should settle for the best of both worlds – play Slingo when you’re feeling like a solo venture and a cup of tea, but if you fancy a social event then get yourself online or to your nearest land-based bingo hall!

The Verdict

Overall, Slingo is definitely not the same thing as Bingo! Whilst there are certainly similar elements such as the number cards and having to match rows of these numbers, a huge chunk of the game is inspired by slot machine games! Whether you think you would prefer bingo or prefer slots, you’d be daft not to at least give Slingo a try!

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