Jobs in Doha

Jobs in Doha

by Manish Singh

Qatar is a country with a distinctive culture, the peculiarities of which can cause serious restrictions on employment. In particular, the heads of local companies prefer to communicate exclusively in English. For this reason, it is almost impossible to get a good job without knowing the language. Even qualified professionals are expected to have at least fluency in English.

However, many recruiting company representatives reassure potential candidates for the position that the speaking barrier is not an issue. In practice, it turns out that unskilled personnel who do not speak English can only get one-time and seasonal vacancies as unskilled workers. Still, jobs in doha are numerous.

Country where the employer is responsible for the invitee’s head

Also, the most responsible employers are gathered here, since according to local laws, if an employee gets into trouble, the employer will end up in prison, and in the event of an accident or a situation in which the employee’s life was at risk of death, the responsible person will be sentenced to death.

It was this fact that forced employers to independently deal with the arrangement of employees, transporting them to and from workplaces, obtaining medical insurance, and even food in some companies. The disadvantage of such care is the inability to choose a place for renting an apartment yourself, but otherwise, there are only advantages.

Firstly, you practically don’t have to spend money on anything, because the employer took care of everything, and you will return home with a decent amount. Secondly, there is no need to solve your problems in a foreign city on your own, it is enough to convey it to your superiors, and thirdly, even in case of illness, you are insured against high costs, unlike some European countries.

Working hours at the enterprises of Qatar

As in the UAE, there are shorter working days during Ramadan. On ordinary days, companies work from Saturday to Thursday, from 7:30 or 8 am to 12 or 1 pm, followed by a break, and work again from 15 or 16 hours to 8-9 pm. Friday is a day off, and Thursday is shortened.

What directions are most in-demand for Ukrainians in Qatar:

  • Tourism;
  • Finance;
  • Education;
  • Energy;
  • Medicine;
  • Hotel and restaurant service.

Recently, IT specialists of various levels have been actively invited to Qatar.

National characteristics of the inhabitants of Qatar

The locals are delicate to the point of fanaticism, they will never ask you uncomfortable questions, but they expect the same behavior from newcomers. Here, no one will discuss the personal life of a neighbor or accidental misconduct of a colleague for years – in Qatar, it is not customary to discuss someone’s personal life and this is in the blood of all residents.

The personal space of residents is also protected by law. In Qatar, it is strictly forbidden to take photographs or videos on the street without the permission of everyone in the frame. Filming the interior of mosques, military installations and policemen passing by can end up in jail.

Cathars are very hospitable and the refusal of a treat is considered almost an insult since this is a real emotional impulse to surprise a guest and not feigned politeness. They are anxious about reservoirs, springs, and even tap water, so do not be surprised if you pour water on the ground and catch glances of incomprehension. Unlike our churches, a mosque is a holy place for muslims and in Qatar, it is forbidden to go inside like a museum. Only muslims can be inside the mosques. If you would like to make a gift to employees, do not give alcohol and souvenirs related to religious themes.

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