Learn Why Realtor Postcard Marketing Is Superior to Email Marketing for Luxury Houses

Learn Why Realtor Postcard Marketing Is Superior to Email Marketing for Luxury Houses

by Manish Singh

As a realtor specializing in selling luxury houses, you want to get your message to the right audience at the right time. So, you’ll definitely try to use the most effective marketing approaches available to you.

Postcards have entrenched themselves as a go-to real estate marketing tool. But with the world rapidly going digital, other methods like email marketing have come up too.

The big question now stands, should you ditch postcard marketing for email marketing to boost your luxury property sales? Well, realtor postcard marketing is still far more superior to email marketing for some reasons. Learn more how to walk you through some of them below.

1. Postcards Are More Likely to Be Read Than Emails

Email definitely has carved out a place for itself in marketing and is actually more effective than many marketing strategies. However, its open and read rates pale in comparison to postcards.

Most, if not all, people collect their mail and bring it into the house the same day it enters their mailbox. Also, most people take their mail very seriously and will usually sort through it before deciding what to keep and what goes in the trash. So, if your realtor postcard is in there, they’ll most definitely see it and have a chance to go through it.

Unfortunately, the same does not apply to emails. While your target audience will receive your emails, the chances of them opening and reading the content are pretty low.

2. Postcards Feel More Personalized Than a Marketing Email

Adding a personal touch to customer interactions is one of the best ways to build and nurture stronger business-client relationships. A personalized message can make potential clients feel special and that you pay great attention to who you’re communicating with.

With advancements in the graphic design space, it’s now as easy to personalize postcards as they are done on emails, and even better. Modern techniques like variable data printing, a kind of digital printing that allows you to personalize text, graphics, and images for each recipient, are a real game-changer.

Moreover, since you’ll be sending your mail directly to a person’s mailbox, the postcard will have a very personal and intimate feel.

3. Direct Mail Has Less Competition Than Email

Every recipient on your mailing list probably receives a dozen or more marketing emails every day or week. So, even if they were to browse through their emails diligently every day, you’d have to be at the top to get their attention. In short, the email marketing space has become a bit too saturated, and frankly, highly competitive.

On the other hand, there’s less competition in direct mail marketing. You’ll only have your recipient’s bills to compete with when it comes to getting your audience’s attention since not as many companies have embraced or realized the potential of postcard marketing.

As such, your postcard is much more likely to stand out.

4. Postcards Are Physical Reminders of Your Business

With email newsletters and promotions being active only in the digital space, you will likely have just one chance to get a client’s attention. So, unless you make a really good impression, the recipient is unlikely to come back and check your message. Maybe the next time they will interact with it will be when they’re clearing their inbox.

On the other hand, a postcard can act as a physical reminder of what you’re offering. You recipient can hold on to it for reference later or even pass it along to someone else. In short, postcards are much easier to keep because they are tangible.

5. Postcards Don’t Need to Be Opened to Pass the Message

Unlike emails, where the recipient has to open it to find out what you’re talking about, postcards usually have the information printed on the first page. That means they’ll see who you are, what you offer, and even how to contact you the moment they open their mailbox.

So, if you do your campaign right, you can capture your clients’ attention immediately and prompt them to take some action, be it visiting your website or giving your office a call.

6. Postcards Can Give You Better ROI Than Email

Postcards, and direct mail in general, boast of a response rate as high as 4.4%. This figure is considerably high in comparison to email marketing, whose response rate is 0.12%. If these stats are anything to go by, postcards, if not done right, can give you a better return for a relatively low investment.

Try Realtor Postcard Marketing to Sell Your Luxury Houses and See the Difference

If you were planning to ditch realtor postcards for email marketing, you should probably rethink that decision. And, if you haven’t added postcards to your luxury property marketing strategy, it’s about time you did.

Realtor postcards are probably the cheapest marketing tool available to real estate agents right now, and they hold great potential for bringing new customers through your doors. Just make sure your postcard is professional, personalized, brief, and most importantly, it provides high-value content to the audience.

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The physical presence of postcards as tangible reminders of a realtor business is a brilliant point. Unlike emails that can get lost in a crowded inbox postcards have a lasting impact.
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