Living Room Makeover: 6 Best Themes For 2021

Living Room Makeover: 6 Best Themes For 2021

by Manish Singh

It’s 2021, and your living room has probably had the same style for quite a few years now. Well, it’s time to change it up and give it a makeover. Since we mostly stay at home these days, it’s good to give your living room a fresh look so you can feel brand new when lounging around listening to your favorite tunes or working from home.

In this article, we’re featuring six different living room styles for you to try out. Some of these are quite uncommon, so they’re sure to give you a new vibe. Interested? Well then, keep on reading!


First on our list is the gothic style. You might say that this might give off a scary vibe, but actually, this one’s quite fun! Gothic doesn’t necessarily mean something out of the Addams’ Family movie. It’s more of an elegant Victorian-era-esque look. With the proper gothic furniture and dark color palette, you’re sure to make your living room look as it’s traveled back in time. After the lockdown or quarantine, when you can finally invite some family members and friends over, they will admire how uncommon your living room is. It will make you feel like royalty, even just in your own house.


A traditional living room doesn’t have to be a boring one. It just needs the right decorations and colors to make it look pleasant. Carpets, tapestries, tablecloths, and curtains look their best when they match each other. Traditional living room themes don’t need a specific color palette or style, but your furniture and decors should look good together. Keep everything tidy and make the area spacious so that your family and guests feel comfortable


A contemporary theme for your living room is quite similar to a traditional theme. But here, you need to have mostly neutral colors. Then, you can add some bold and bright accents to complement the theme while also giving it a bit of a fun and energetic vibe. Refrain from using dark hues so that it gives off a refreshing look. The key to this theme is to make everything minimalistic and simple but still has a positive and energetic feel.


A modern theme for your living room will surely look good with some planning. You need to make sure that your area looks bright, spacious, and open. The lights should mostly come from your windows so that the area can be as bright and open as possible. This theme may require you to do some renovating. So, if you want this theme, you must strategize and plan what to do so that you can make it work. Add some paintings on your wall to give the area some character, too!


The craftsman theme involves a lot of wood. Think of wooden furniture and interior when shopping for new pieces to add to your living room. The key to giving your living room a craftsman theme is to have an eye for detail. Handcrafted decors are a great addition and will make the area look cozy and inviting. Intricate patterns on interiors and furniture will make them live up to their theme.


Vintage and rustic decors are the key to give your living room a country feel. Natural colors like brown and beige are your best choices to match the area’s theme. Space should look warm, cozy, and welcoming, just like the feeling you get when visiting the countryside. Wooden furniture painted with neutral colors is a great addition as well!

Start giving your living room a makeover!

These are the seven best themes for your living room this 2021. Some of the themes we’ve featured are simple and you don’t necessarily have to change everything, but just add a few decors and furniture. While others may need more work. Whichever theme you choose, make sure it’s something you’ll love for years to come. Make sure to get good quality decors and furniture so that they can last you a long time. If you want to see a variety of great quality furniture, check out for awesome furniture and storage pieces to add to your living room. We hope this article helps you out in choosing a new theme for your living room to give it a makeover!

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