Marvel Is Still In You

Marvel Is Still In You! Just Live The Moment

by Manish Singh

Our love for superhero movies doesn’t seem to fade away any time soon. It is living in us since we were kids. Their superhero powers are not the only reason that makes all of us glued to our screens; their costumes are much bigger factors. The elegant costumes complement their body structures so well that they make us dream of ourselves in them. From jackets to basic casual outfits, the wardrobe collections of these movies are always remarkable. We can’t help but give endless praise to the Marvel team of setting the bar so high!

Dressing up in a Captain Marvel Bomber Jacket or pulling off the iconic Black Widow look in a trench coat doesn’t seem impossible. Many fashion brands have started collaborating with Marvel and have launched their merchandise collection. The name speaks itself, and Marvel is making billions of dollars over the world with its 23 movies till now. It has taken the concept of superhero to a new level by knocking the doors of not just cinemas but also the fashion industry. Let’s go through our memory lane to notice the details that we may have left unseen;

Iron Man- A Start Of Something Real Big!

Iron Man in 2008 was the start of superhero releases by Marvel. The story revolved around a playboy industrialist, Tony Stark, who got abducted by Obadiah Stane, the front-runner of a terrorist group. He then built up his iconic Iron Man Armor, known as ‘Mark I,’ to escape evil forces. Robert Downey Jr. played the lead role so beautifully that it turned out to be the eighth-highest hit movie when it released and earned over $580 million. Not just Robert’s acting applauded, but people loved the direction, action, and visual effects too.

Many big names of the Hollywood industry like Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges also spotted in the main cast. Iron Man’s suit immediately became the talk of the town. It has destroyed three times, but due to the nitinol used as a raw material in the preparation of the armor, Tony was successful in rebuilding it twice. Nitinol also provides him a lightweight feeling when he flies around. The story continued by two more movies in 2010 by Iron Man 2 and later with Iron Man 3 in 2013.

Stay Safe From The Thor-Thunder!

Thor was the next superhero that came on the screens by Marvel in 2011. The protagonist of the movie was Thor, played by the handsome Chris Hemsworth. Thor went to the Planet Earth from Asgard (a place for gods in some mythologies) due to his carelessness. But the right side of his didn’t fade away, and he joined other superheroes to protect the motherland. The movie became a hit as people praised the performances of many actors present in it, including big names like Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, and Colm Feore.

The movie earned $449.3 million from all over the world. The Thor costume and his iconic hammer became his identity. According to Chris, his costume was so heavy that it made him breathe in difficulty. So they came up with an idea and introduced a cooling vest, a vest with pipes that runs cold water through and cool the wearer down. His hammer, Mjolnir, is seen as the most thunderous weapon that can do anything! Until now, two sequels have come out by Marvel, Thor: The Dark World in 2013, and Thor: Ragnarok in 2017.

Captain America- Protecting The World From Another War!

The launch of the third movie Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011, made Marvel reached the seventh sky! The film became a huge financial success and collected $370 million from the whole world. People praised the young Chris Evans and also the direction of Johnston. The story revolves around a young combatant, Steve Rogers, who decided to make his body stronger during World War II through volunteering in an experiment. Immense patriotism was running in his blood as he joined hands with Johann Schmidt to fight an underground Nazi organization to protect his motherland.

Many famous actors like Tommy Lee Jones, Hayley Atwell, and Hugo Weaving also acted. Captain America’s costume and his shield stole the attention of every eye. His costume went through a sequence of changes throughout the other two follow-ups, Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014 and Captain America: Civil War in 2016. For his initial costume, he opted for a helmet, a Captain America Jacket Mens, and pants for the bottom. He wore black boots and goggles too. He then underwent through many costume upgrades and added the iconic shield to it that we all love!

A lot of superhero movies released since then. The good news is that Marvel has not stopped entertaining us! With the upcoming superhero movies, we see a ray of sunshine in our boring lives. The releases we all are excited about, including Black Widow, another sequel of Thor, The Eternals, and the all-time favorite Doctor Strange would be in-action. So stay tuned to the Marvel World!

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