Which Is the Best City to Study

Melbourne or Dublin: Which Is the Best City to Study?

by Bryn Fest

Where is the best place for studying abroad: Dublin or Melbourne? Choosing the ideal place is not an easy task. This decision is very important, as it will determine the environment in which you will live for many months and what will, during that time, be your new home.

Because of this, it is important that the choice is made consciously and considering many things. Although Dublin and Melbourne are great cities, each of them has very different characteristics that need to be taken into account.

With this in mind, we prepared an article that aims to draw up a parallel between the cities. So, you can choose the option that suits you best and make the right decision! Come on? Good reading!

What are Melbourne’s main features?

First, we’ll talk about the city of Melbourne, one of the most famous and important cities in all of Australia. Check out its most striking features below.


For starters, let’s look at Melbourne lifestyle. As it is a coastal city located in Australia, it is possible to say that the daily life here is quite hectic. Night life is also very important for natives, who love to have fun. Because of this, there will be no shortage of leisure options for all types of people!

Course options

As a highly globalized city, Melbourne offers courses of various types for domestic and international students For more information, it is always recommended to seek the opinion of the education agents responsible for your study, which can provide reliable information about the best universities in Melbourne. The universities here are of the highest quality and always rank highly among the best institutions on the planet.


Region climate

The climate in Melbourne is classified as temperate oceanic. This means that the rains are well distributed throughout the year, however, in general, the temperatures are quite mild. The average temperature is around 25ºC in summer and 15ºC in winter. Because of that, this is an amazing city for Brazilians, as the climate is very similar to ours.


Melbourne is regarded as one of the best cities in the world to live in, so public safety is a serious issue in the region. There is little incidence of problems with this issue and the city is considered very safe for people of all nationalities. This municipality is, therefore, extremely advantageous in terms of quality of life for natives and foreigners.

Cost of living

One of the main concerns of international students is related to the cost of living in the desired location. In Melbourne, unfortunately, some things (like housing) are a little more expensive than in other parts of Australia. However, this is completely offset by the fact that the services provided by the city are of the highest quality.

Job opportunities

Australia is a country where job opportunities do not stop growing. The search for qualified labor is always present in this place and, even for students, vacancies are very varied. This makes the city very attractive to international students, who are increasingly qualified. In addition, there is no saturation in the number of available places, as occurs in many other cities around the globe.

Tourist attractions

Melbourne’s main strength is its beaches and natural beauty. However, there is plenty to do besides visiting the city’s coast. This is a very cultural environment with attractions for absolutely every taste, including a vibrant nightlife and lots of fun options for people of all ages. Culture cannot be left out either, as this factor is highly valued across Australia.

What are the main features of Dublin?

The time has come for us to travel many miles north and discuss the features of the capital of the Ireland. All ready? So here we go! Below, discover some of the most important points about this city in a practical and objective list:

  • There is fun for all kinds of people, although pubs are one of the most famous attractions in the area;
  • There are beautiful beaches in Ireland, but usually the cold climate of the environment does not allow them to be enjoyed in their entirety, as occurs in Australia;
  • Dublin is not lacking in terms of safety, but the area close to pubs demands greater care;
  • The cost of living in the region can be quite high, especially near the big city center;
  • Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find work in the city. This is due to the high number of foreigners living in Dublin, which has overwhelmed the available places;
  • Culture is one of the main tourist attractions in the region, which has numerous historic buildings.

After all, which one to choose? Dublin or Melbourne?

We’ve reached the end of our conversation! Now, it’s up to you: which city do you think has the most to do with your tastes, preferences and, of course, your personality? All these factors must be taken into consideration when deciding on the ideal place to study.

Generally speaking, many international students usually opt for Melbourne because it’s one of the most popular student cities in the world. As it is located in the southern hemisphere, this city has a climate very similar to that of some cities overseas, therefore, the impact of the trip becomes a little smaller.

In addition, the inhabitants of this place are extremely receptive and very warm, which makes the general climate very similar to that of Brazil. Choosing Melbourne is also a great choice due to the proximity to exotic and unforgettable places, which will make the trip an even more interesting experience.

In case of doubt, the recommendation is to always seek the opinion of exchange agencies. These companies have professionals who can help you make a decision based on your personal preferences, deciding on what will really benefit you.

Now that you’ve checked out the main features of our article’s theme cities, choosing between Dublin or Melbourne has become a much simpler task, right? However, be sure to always count on specialized help in choosing the right city and organizing your exchange. Agency professionals are qualified to help you in every step!

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