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by Ella Wheeler

Movies are a major part of entertainment and leisure time activity for my st people. As we all know, on most Friday of the week you usually have a new movie released in the theatre and sometimes there may be 2-3 movies at a time. These keep the moviegoers entertained and make their weekends busy. But there is a section of the movie lovers that may not be able to go to the movie theatres but are still interested in watching the movies. This section of the audience will opt for watching the movies on alternative modes. They usually depend on the online availability of these movies from different sources. Apart from the official streaming sites, there are a host of sites that cater to such audiences even it is not legally approved to do so. These sites offer torrents downloads that can be accessed by the general public.

Movie collection on

Only because of these pirated sites many people are able to watch the newly released movies and watch them, one among them is is one such site offering such content, here you find over 50000 free streaming full HD online movies, documentaries and TV shows. It is a site where the movies of English, Hindi and Punjabi movies are leaked irrespective of the legal laws applicable around them. 

Many of the people who are not able to go to the theatre and watch the movies prefer to download them and watch them on a laptop/ TV. In a way, it helps people in viewing the latest movie on their personal gadgets, but it does some revenue loss harm for the film industry and the producer as the investment made in movies may not recover fully. Due to this reason, the Indian Government has banned this kind of website. Torrents or any other pirated websites are illegal in India. has been designed in such a way that a variety of movies can be watched, ranging from horror, adventure, comedy, romantic, drama-documentary and many more. TV shows can also be viewed. We can also view the videos on mobile devices as well.

Alternate websites of

Moviesmon website collects the movies by collecting the links from other such sites offering the movie and stores them on their websites. Therefore you will not find the perfect written links for downloading or uploading on this site, but you will find a series of available options to choose and you can only view the file of the video encoding website. Moviesmon has some alternate websites like Flixter, 1337X Movies, FouMovies, LT and open culture. 

How to download movies from

The movie can be downloaded very easily with just 3-4 clicks. The movies available on Moviesmon are pirated versions of Hollywood, Bollywood movies. You can also find movies of different languages like Tamil, Telugu Malayalam, Kannada and Punjabi. The quality of the video is very good. The movies are stored under different sections. It has gained a lot of popularity for Hollywood movies, as it has a huge variety of movies in different sections.

Is MovieMon Compatible on Mobile phones?

The movies and TV series can be downloaded on Mobile devices as well. As most of the content in this website is compressed to 360p AVI format, making it easy to download on mobile devices with low internet data. By compressing the video of TV series and movies to a lower resolution it is compatible on mobile devices and also reduces the consumption of mobile data. 

The website is designed in such a way that the video can easily be located for example all the latest hindi Tv series can be found under Hindi TV and the web sections on the home page. It can be easily downloaded in compressed form and watched on mobile devices. The overall consumption of data will be around 1 GB for downloading any web series or TV series, all the videos in this website are concise and mobile-friendly.

The only issue with the Moviesmon website is that there will be a lot of pop up ads, which annoys everyone while using. While you are downloading the movie by clicking on the link it will direct to a new ad page, you have to close that link and come by to the main page and click again to continue the download.

Are movies downloaded from Moviesmon.Com is Legal 

The content in is the Pirated version of Movies, the videos of the latest movies that are released will be uploaded on this website usually within 1 or 2 days after the release. There are no official partners for this website to upload the latest movies, hence it is illegal to download them from this site. As per the rules of the Indian government, piracy is illegal and a crime and you may also be convicted for the same if caught.

The popularity of the website 

This website has become very popular based on data collected from And the worth of this website has also increased due to the rise in its popularity. The worth of the website is usually estimated based on the advertising revenue of the website and also is based on the ranking and by public traffic to the website. According to, Moviesmon not only affects the movie industry by distributing pirated content but it is also estimated to make advertising revenues this in turn affects the revenue of the film industry. 

There are many websites similar to available on the web.

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