How to score full marks in class 6 Hindi

NCERT Books For Class 6 Hindi

by Manish Singh

Hindi, our mother tongue, is one of the oldest languages in the world. It ranks 4th based on speaking all over the world. Developing a habit of understanding, reading, and writing from an early age helps a child to become fluent in the language.

If you are in class 6, this article can be useful in scoring the best marks in your exams with the help of The NCERT BOOKS CLASS 6 HINDI. Understanding Hindi and increasing your vocabulary while adding new words to your dictionary is the prime need of this class.

Getting full marks in the first grade 6 is not something very hard but surely needs some hard work. With proper guidance and tips, it becomes an easy peasy task. Every student will benefit if he or she applies these pointers and works well enough, surely their dreams can come true.


The syllabus of Class 6 Hindi has a perfect combination of literature, writing, and grammar. This is what is needed by a student at this age. Let’s look at the syllabus of these parts in further detail.

HINDI LITERATURE Name of the chapter
1 Wahah chidiya jo
2 Bachpan
3 Nadan dost
4 Chaand se thodi si gaape
5 Aksharo ka mahatav
6 Paar najar ke
7 Saathi haath bdhana
8 Ese ese
9 Ticket Album
10 Jhansi ki Rani
11 Jo dhekh kr bhi nhi dhekh skte
12 Sansar pustak hai
13 Me sbse choti hu
14 Lokgeet
15 Naukar
16 Vaan ke maarg me
17 Saans – Saans me baas

1 Bhasha, Lipi, or Vyakran
2 Varn Veechar
3 Shabd Veechar
4 Sangya
5 Sangya ke vikar
6 Vachan
7 Karak
8 Saarvnaam
9 Veesheshan
10 Kriya
11 Kaal
12 Vaachya
13 Aawya
14 Saandhi
15 Samas
16 Upsarg
17 Pratay
18 Vakya veechar
19 Veeram chinha
20 Ashud vaakyo ka sanshodhan
21 Muhawre or lokoktiya
22 Shabd Bhandar

1 Anuched lekhan
2 Patra lekhan
3 Nibaand lekhan

All these parts are a part of the syllabus and this led to all over development of the student for future purposes.


1. Chapter reading is a must

The most important thing to start your preparation is going through the chapter very well. One should be able to summarize the story in his or her own words after reading the chapter.

This is the key to a longer and better memory of the chapter. Hindi stories always work by giving some good advice at the end which is helpful for life too.

2. Read difficult words

There are some words in each chapter that are new or difficult for the child. These are words that a child should learn and understand and pronounce as they develop their vocabulary and language skills.

New or difficult words should be emphasized because they will help to create better answers to the tests that will help them. This forms the basis of their ability to read and learn and in the future, they will not be shocked if they come across any new word.

3. Practice writing and reading

After the child has understood the chapter, it is recommended that they have to read the chapter thoroughly and write the same summary in their own words.

This not only helps to improve their pronunciation and vocabulary but also when they write on their own the children experience their mistakes and often work on them which is a good sign of tests. Such practice helps to make fewer mistakes in high-scoring exams and thus improves the chances of earning full marks.

4. Listen carefully in class

Listening in class is a basic yet important tip to get more marks in exams. Active listening in the classroom stimulates long-term memory and helps you to grasp the main points of the chapter.

Listening also helps to develop a child’s pronunciation that is very helpful in the long run and the tests.

In addition, if a child listens attentively in class, he can often ask his doubts which helps him to get more marks on the test.

5. Review the chapters

To review you should get full points in Hindi. The more reviews, the more marks you will get. Revision helps to learn complex words, context, and summary chapters over a long period.

During the test, this review will help you remember the chapter more easily. A review of the chapter questions will also help to reduce errors in the tests. Reviews form the basis of learning.

Children often quote a chapter that makes it easy to forget but a careful reading of a revised chapter helps them understand the chapter better and there is no need to include them.

Hindi, a simple language, is about understanding and reviewing. A person who has a good understanding of the chapters and a good number of revisions will surely be rewarded with full marks in the tests. Writing and practicing difficult words works as a cherry on a cake.

Reading the chapter and diligently listening to the teacher in class helps to keep the chapter longer with a better understanding. In addition, generating interest in Hindi at a very young age provides a better future as this phase forms the basis for learning.

6. Manage Your Time

Plan for 24 hours what you have. Study long enough. Do at least three lessons a day. In addition to reading, set aside time for relaxation.

Do things you like such as listening to instrumental music, drawing, painting, or watching the infotainment channel for over an hour.

7. Sleep Well

Eat, sleep, read and relax – That should be your motto rather than your head over books and notes. When relaxing and lying in bed before bedtime, remember what topics you covered for the day. Ask yourself which lesson needs more attention so you can plan your next day’s lesson.

8. Exercise / Meditation

Physical activity such as walking, running, jumping, jumping, mountaineering and cycling – grinds the brain and makes you more active. According to the study, 20 minutes of walking makes the student’s brain more active than the student sitting quietly.

Meditation improves concentration, IQ level, helps focus better, reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, these practices will keep you physically and physically fit during your preparation and testing.

All the best for the exams!

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