Neon vs Led Which Is Best for Your Business

Neon vs Led Which Is Best for Your Business

by Bryn Fest

Did you know that Georges Claude invented neon lighting back in 1910? The first commercial neon light was sold to a barber two years later. Today, businesses still use this vibrant lighting but many debate neon vs LED benefits.

So, are LED lights better than neon for your business’s sign? Does the decision between neon or LED signs affect how customers view your business?

The following guide will explore LED vs Neon lighting benefits and differences to help you decide which is right for you!

Why Should I Use Neon Lights?

Neon lights consist of a low-pressure gas inside a glass tube with electrodes at both ends. The gas produces light when the electrodes charge.

Neon lights have a very wide operating range and they don’t always need a special power supply. They can function using either AC or DC power sources.

You can make neon lights into custom shapes that represent your brand and stands out to customers. Other lighting types can’t replicate their classic look and feel.

Neon Disadvantages

Neon signs don’t put out much light for the power they require. Their colors are also limited to different gas and glass configurations. Typically, neon signs can only use a single color at a time.

Keep in mind that the glass tubes used for neon lights are very fragile. Just a tiny crack in the glass will ruin the entire piece. The maintenance and replacement costs are very high because of this.

Why Should I Use LED Lights?

LED lights involve a semiconductor that outputs light. They’re commonly used in things like cars, signs, calculators, and watches.

The bulb life of LED lights often exceeds 100,000 hours. They produce a very high light output while using minimal voltage. The low power consumption makes them a very economical choice.

LED lights are extremely durable and require very low maintenance. They don’t use mercury or any other dangerous chemicals to make light.

You can choose from unlimited color options when you go with LED lighting. They give off a modern and sleek feel to attract customers. Check out kinetics lighting for examples of different LED styles.

LED Disadvantages’

While LED lights have many energy-saving benefits, there’s often a high upfront cost. You also need to compare LED brands carefully to avoid low-quality products.

LED lights produce great illumination but it’s somewhat of a focused directional beam. So, it’s important to carefully plan the placement of LED signs and lighting.

Keep in mind that some LEDs use higher wattage and tend to run hot. These types of LED lights usually need a heatsink to control their temperature.

Neon vs Led

Now you know the main differences between neon vs led lighting. Neon is fragile and uses more power, but works great if you want an old-school aesthetic. LEDs are durable, use less power, and produce more light but you might pay more initially.

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