Polish citizenship by descent – How does it work?

Polish citizenship by descent – How does it work?

by Bryn Fest

Do you have Polish roots, or maybe you are still not sure of your background? There are a few simple ways to prove your ancestry and then obtain Polish citizenship by descent. The confirmation process may seem complicated at first but do not worry. Once you become a citizen of Poland, you can enjoy all the benefits it provides. Before you file a motion and change your life, check our tips on how to do it properly.

Polish citizenship through descent – what does it mean?

‘How do I know if my great-grandparents held citizenship of Poland’? ‘Where can I find more information about my origin’? ‘Can I apply for Polish citizenship if my ancestors once resided in Poland’? The answers to these questions are not as easy and obvious as we could think. What do we mean? Polish citizenship by descent is one of the main ways to obtain it but it does not mean any foreigner can take part in the proceedings. Of course, most people with Polish origin qualify for that. What’s important, you must prove your roots and fulfill several conditions to make the process end successfully. If your ancestors were born in Poland or its former territories and resided there after 1920 when the Polish citizenship law was introduced for the first time, you are probably a Polish citizen too. First step you should take is to check your eligibility which is not that simple, and that’s why you should contact experts that would assess your case individually.

What documents do you need to confirm your ancestry?

Polish citizenship through descent means your family members once held citizenship of Poland and passed it to you via the right of blood. It could be one of your parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents. The fact is you have been a Polish citizen since your birth but still do not have any document confirming it. The Polish Citizenship Experts are here to help you with the proceedings. They will conduct research across many archives on your behalf, so there is no need for you to come here or even speak the Polish language. If you do, great for you! Your attitude is not insignificant. By saying that, we mean you could also be helpful at some point. Perhaps you have vital records of your family members, such as expired ID, Polish passports, birth certificates, or marriage certificates. Any evidence may be useful. Go on Five To Europe and check how to get Polish citizenship by descent. The Expert will assist in the confirmation process and make it as smooth as possible. Depending on many factors, this may take less or more time. If the outcome is positive, there will be nothing left to do but complete needed documentation and lodge a motion in the appropriate institution.

Benefits of Polish citizenship by descent

Still not sure if it is worth obtaining dual citizenship? We have decided to prepare a short list of the main benefits of being a fully-fledged citizen of Poland. Here they are!

  • Your family gets similar rights as you – it applies to your children and also a spouse. They can live with you in Poland or any other European country without any restrictions. What’s more, you can pass your citizenship to kids and the next generations via the right of blood. If it comes to your spouse, the situation is way different. It is not possible to acquire citizenship by marriage, but you can register his or her presence. In that case, your spouse (as a spouse of a Polish citizen) also gets similar rights.
  • Travel freely without border controls or visa restrictions within Europe – sounds great, doesn’t it? You can also work in Poland (and not only) without any permission. Do not forget to apply for a Polish passport too before you decide to move out from your current location.
  • Study for free at a public university – as you may see, Polish citizenship gives you access to universities in EU countries.

Dual citizenship also means you have two passports – a passport of your country of birth and the Polish one. You can always choose which one is more convenient to use!

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