Proven Ways to Protect Yourself From 5G Radiation

Proven Ways to Protect Yourself From 5G Radiation

by Manish Singh

5G radiation surrounds you. It’s in your phones, laptops, and even backyards. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies many types of radiation as cancerous.

While you wait for regulations to catch up to this hazardous EMF radiation, what are you supposed to do? How do you shield yourself from something you can’t even see?

In this article, we will show you how to protect yourself from 5G.

Is 5G Dangerous?

Yes and no. It’s complicated. There is no evidence suggesting EMF creates cancerous tumors in humans. Studies have shown that male rats, when exposed to 2G and 3G radiation developed cancerous heart tumors.

Other evidence finds that while not deadly there are a host of negative side effects. Weakened immune systems, impacted nervous system, and eye problems are just a few.

The groups most impacted are the elderly, children, and pregnant women.

Even if you’re not one of the most hurt by EMF radiation you should still protect yourself from 5G. The full range of negative health effects from relentless exposure to EMF radiation isn’t known yet.

How to Protect Yourself from 5G

It takes some creative thinking, but there are many ways to protect from 5G.


Stay away from 5G cell sites. The closer you are to large amounts of radiation the more dangerous it becomes. So before you move anywhere, do some research and make sure you’re not too close to cell sites.

Avoid using EMF emitting products too much. One great option is “airplane mode” which stops your phone from radiating EMF.

Measuring Products

An EMF measuring device will let you know the intensity of radiation levels near you. It may seem extreme at first, but once you find out how high it is you’ll use it constantly.

Anti-EMF Products

One great product is emf clothing. It’s an effective way to protect your body from 5G.

Ant-radiation phone cases work well for times when being away from your phone isn’t an option.

EMF fabrics can be used to cover windows, beds, and you. Narrow down the specific EMF type you’re guarding your house against. Then, look through the different options to find what will work best for you.

Other Ways to Fight Against 5G

Although the health risks associated with EMF radiation is mostly unknown, it’s relatively inexpensive to take basic precautions. If you feel like you should do more you’re not alone.

Around the world, groups of concerned people are emerging. Most of the harmful radiation is in dense cities. That doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Without people speaking up, the problem will only grow.

It’s possible to add your voice and defend your health.

Protect Yourself From 5G Today

You don’t have to be defenseless against harmful radiation. You can rest easier knowing how to protect yourself from 5G.

Distance yourself from large concentrations of EMF. A variety of Ant-EMF products and measuring equipment will protect you from harmful 5G.

For those of you who are still worried, Shop now!

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