Questions to Ask Before the Ultimate Party Night

Questions to Ask Before the Ultimate Party Night

by Bryn Fest

If you consider yourself to be something of a party animal, you probably have a good idea about how to prepare yourself for the ultimate night out. However, even the most experienced partiers can add to their preparation checklist. If you are only a newcomer to nightlife, then it can be helpful to ask yourself a few questions beforehand to make it easier when getting ready for the night ahead. These questions will help you to set yourself up for making the most out of your night out and having as much fun as possible.

What’s the Occasion?

Not all parties need an occasion, but sometimes it can be a great idea to find an excuse for celebration to enhance the night. Perhaps one of your friends was recently promoted at work or someone’s birthday is coming up. You could even go for a night out simply to celebrate the end of the week. If you are partying because of an individual, whether it’s their birthday, engagement, promotion, or anything else, make sure to ask about their preferences when it comes to venue and what the group should do.

Where Will You Go?

Are you in a familiar place, or have you taken a trip and are looking for somewhere to enjoy the evening? Perhaps you have packed your bags and headed to one of the world’s nightlife capitals for a seriously fun time. There are other things to do in New Orleans, for instance, but it is loved the world over for its vibrant nightlife and party scene. Take the time to research in advance the best places for your night out, depending on the occasion and budget.

Who Will Be There?

The type of night out you are planning should take into consideration the people in attendance. The age range and preferences of the group should be established to find out where the best spots might be for your purposes. You may not want to attend some places with your parents, for example, but then again, maybe you would. Paying attention to the members of your group, especially if it is a large one, can help to prevent any disappointment or blunders. Of course, you could take yourself for a night out on your own, too.

How Will You Get There?

Perhaps you plan to simply take yourself and your friends to the nearest bar or club to dance the night away. Or maybe you are traveling overseas for a special once-in-a-lifetime party trip. Whatever the case may be, there is no harm in planning your transport ahead of time. Do you need taxis to get you and your friends to and from different nightspots safely? Have you pooled together for a party bus? A stretch limousine? Sometimes finding an exciting mode of transport can transform a night out into something special.

What Will You Wear?

It might not be much of an important factor to you, but many people like to spend some time thinking about what they want to wear on their night on the town. It’s a great excuse to dress up in something you wouldn’t normally have a reason to wear, such as fancy shoes or an eye-catching outfit. Remember that some clubs, bars and restaurants have strict policies about clothing and footwear, so it’s best to check online if the venues you plan to visit are restrictive in this way. Sometimes the process of getting ready for a night out can be almost as much fun as the partying itself. Invite your friends around to enjoy a few drinks together before you head out.

Where Will You Stay?

If you are only going out in your hometown, then you most likely don’t need to worry about where you can stay when the night is over. If you are out of town, consider staying with a friend or booking a hotel for the night so you can safely return home in the morning. If you have traveled far to enjoy a particular party destination, then it’s useful to have a reliable and comfortable base from which to recover at the end of the night. It is best not to take strangers up on their invitations to stay, even if they seem like a good person. Instead, call a taxi to take you somewhere safe.

How Will You Protect Yourself?

If you enjoy having a few drinks on a night out, then it’s important to be prepared for the potential risks in advance so that you don’t need to rely upon your inebriated self to protect you. Tell someone you trust where you plan to be and what time you expect to be home. Keep your drink within sight at all times and never feel too awkward to leave a situation that makes you uncomfortable. It’s better to be rude and safe than polite and sorry.

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