Ready for Jump Scares? Spooky Season says Hello!

by Manish Singh

Can you feel the drop in the temperatures? Does it remind you of something? When everyone is tired of heading to beaches and fighting with scorching heat, the urge to feel something cold is powerful.

The mildly cold winds of the fall come as a blessing at this time. Along with pleasant weather, this change in weather is a direct indication that the long list of festivals is fast approaching. Halloween is the first one in the list and the most exciting one as well. Preparations begin well before the actual event, and carved pumpkins and skulls come out as early as September.

The real deal is the costume selection. Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 is going to be the next prominent tagline of every article you read. The struggle to look best, stand out, and steal the show is challenging when it comes to the most creative night of the year. All Hallows’ Eve is one of the liveliest nights where everyone pays tributes to honor the dead.

From Pennywise to Thor, the variety in costumes is mind wrecking. There is no limit to the craziness when it’s Halloween. From children to adults, even old homes are active participants during the festivities. Parades, marches, carnivals, and contests are common all over the world.

Let’s Go Back To Classics

This year while everyone searches the latest costume inspirations choose a classic to stand out. Some of the witches from the old times are scary and pretty. You may end up looking at the most beautiful character in your party with evil intentions. Hocus Pocus, the classic tale of three witty witches, is childhood gem. Why not take inspiration from the best?

Classic fairy tales’ characters, both evil and good, have always been the center of attention. No one can ignore the charm of the flair of Cinderella’s dress of Red Riding Hood’s cardinal costume. They are irresistible for a reason. For men, the range is quite wide too. Prince charming or Shrek? Decide with your girl because you do not want to be a fairy tale classic without your heroine.

The retellings of the stories are quite remarkable too. Take Maleficent, for example, the evil fairy with her long and wide black horns is a superb costume idea to gather the attention of the masses. If you are a daughter’s mother duo, go with Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty to seal it!

What’s new? 

Captain Marvel is the latest hero everyone is crazy about since he first appears. Since the halt in the new releases due to the pandemic, this character’s hype has significantly increased. Apart from her, Avengers as a whole are pretty famous even on Halloween. A kid needs his Spiderman to save the day after all!

One of the massive hits of last year, Us is a mystery thriller with more jump scares than you can count. The whole movie will leave you shocked to the core. Especially the ending with its sinister plot will blow your mind. What’s best about the costumes of this movie 1337x torrent is that it requires a red jumper only.

If red is winning, then The Handmaid’s Tale is an important source. Based on the dystopian novel of the same name, the series show tragedy like never before. Haunting and cunning, dress up like an antagonist or the protagonist of series to take the crown in any contest.

The Walking Dead is a favorite when it comes to taking inspiration from television series. The long-running show has given a lot of content for the spooky season. It tops the list without any question. Zombies and dangerous leaders are the best when it comes to intimate parties on Halloween. Toy Story, Star Wars, Rick and Morty, Stranger Things, and It: Chapter 2 are some of the recommendations for the upcoming Halloween!

Scariest In The Lot 

Whether you want a costume from Scream or A Nightmare on Elm’s Street, both of these classics are a must-watch and the scariest among other movies. Jump scares are a guarantee, but there might be some nightmares involved if you replicate the looks with every detail. Halloween’s real fun is in the scary costumes; the rest of the ideas are easy to flaunt even when there is no spooky festival!

Most of the serial killer look from the famous movies only require an old school Biker Leather Jacket to pull the evil look. The rest got completed with a dagger or pistol. The list of horror movies remains incomplete without Chucky and Nun. Both these costumes are bound to keep everyone away from you because of the gruesome details. But make sure you get everything right because flashes will shine on you if you choose from these options.

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