Retro Era is Still in the Fashion Mainstream!

by Manish Singh

“Old is Gold” is a phrase. Everyone has been listening to it for decades. But if you look deeply into it, you’ll find the essence of this phrase. Old is undoubtedly precious. Whether it is ancient buildings or retro clothing, we all have seen people spending thousands of money on something so old.

Well, that is the beauty of antique. Unlike many other things, retro clothing is still on-trend. You can easily fuse these looks with mod styles and bam! Have a whole new and sassy look. Fashion doesn’t need age; it remains the same with little developments.

Also, the fashion industry is recycling old trends. Like Men Distressed Leather Jacketswide-leg bottoms, and many more. Hop in the time machine and relive the fashionista era of the past. You’ll notice decade ideas. Some are for your retro parties, while others are still in trend.


The 1960s was a revolutionary era for fashion. Bikinis finally got acceptance in the 1960s. That was the breakthrough in fashion. Slim fitted jeans, which were named drain piped jeans, evolved in the ’60s.

High necks blouses and body fitted button-down shirts were the major part of the trend in the ’60s. Footwear consisted of flat pumps, strapped pumps and ballerina pumps.

Printed dresses were often in a loud color. You can go for nude shades as pocket dresses are still in fashion. Remove the pumps and go for footwear of your choice with these cute dresses. These dresses were quintessential and comfortable. They still are!


The fashion of the ’70s was more about personal choices. Limitations had uplifted. People were free to choose whatever they wanted. Miniskirts, the retro fashion of 50 and disco clothes were the main concern. Platform shoes, flamboyant clothing, wide-legged bottoms, mod short dresses, and many more new trends introduced in that era.

Styles of the ’70s have been back in fashion from recent years—the ’70s considered a fashionable era. The retro dress from the ’70s, which is still in mainstream fashion, is printed flares with plain tops. As people in the 70’s used to wear short plain dresses and they used to wear flairs under them.

Recently people have replaced short dresses with tube tops and cropped tops. You can also go for this look. Wear a cropped top with dazzlingly printed wide bottom pants. The primary tones for the ’70s were earthy. Monochromatic shades were the most significant part of staples at that time.

As for accessories, round sunglasses were the main trend. Strapped sandals and bracelets were also a major part of the closet. You can easily carry all these accessories today, and they are still a major part of today’s wardrobe.


The ’80s were the era of strong looks, vibrant colors, and silhouettes. Biker jackets, fluffed skirts, and loose blazers were the classy pieces of wardrobe. 80’s fashion was carefree and bold. Polka dots and bright prints on dresses were in style.

To make it more 80’s style, wear it in vibrant colors. A face full of bright makeup will escalate your look. During the 1980s, Princess Diana once wore a bright pink and red, shoulder-padded blazer dress. She accessorized it with a hat in contrast and red pumps. She also wore golden studs and a ring.

Her look was subtle yet bright. You can still have this look. Wear the same color dress with nude pumps. It will be your modish retro look. Let the hat go. Light-colored pumps will complement your look more. You have to be brave enough to copy these looks.


This era’s fashion will give you a Deja Vu. Most of you must’ve seen this era. Some during their childhood while some in their youth. This era was based on subtle colors. Contrary to the ’80s, the ’90s were more of a minimalist era. Khakis and black color was the major part of it.

Bodycon dresses got invented. Buttoned pencil skirts and mini pencil skirts with oversized sweaters have become the main part of college and work wardrobe. Cafe Retro Leather Jackets became the main part of male clothing. You can still copy a 90’s look without going out of your comfort zone.


The 2000s were the fusions of bright and subtle colors. Some 90’s and 80’s fashion was back. Low rise jeans, tank tops, stretchy dresses, tracksuits, and capris introduced. Wide belts, skinny scarves, and bold jewelry were main ornaments of clothing.

2000’s-2010’s era contains all the looks of the past. Flares were back in fashion. Some unique and new styles added, such as tube tops, wearing dresses over denim, tank tops over other shirts, fluffy boots, and pashminas.

You can have a retro look by mixing these styles with modern fashion. You won’t have to go out of the league to copy these styles. Just a little mix-and-match of staples, and you are done.

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