Rising Demand of Mobile Signal Boosters in Covid-19 Lockdown

by Manish Singh

In lieu of the vast reach of Coronavirus, governments around the world imposed lockdown, plunging people to stay at their homes. Staying in touch with friends and family and getting updates about the world became more imperative than before. As due to sudden lockdown, many people were stranded in different cities and countries without proper planning. In such a scenario, the handy source of information is the smartphone.

Some might agree that phones have become our lives. There is an innate desire to stay connected with the world. For these very reasons, regular connectivity is a luxury now and weak signal issues hinder the connectivity. Experts thought about the one-time solution that would ensure seamless connectivity. On one hand, the cell phones are the epitome of advanced technology and on the other, a few glitches are found in the technology.

Given the fact how portable and well-equipped mobile phones are and the network issues with it, the demand for mobile network boosters for home is rising.

Let’s take a look at the points why these boosters are gaining traction.

A Gamut of Apps

A few decades earlier, no one would have imagined that mobile phones would exist and become the centerpiece in life. Without a doubt, this is the most amazing art in terms of technology. Mobile phones have applications for everything. From ordering food, online shopping to book a cab. It’s got everything covered. At times of emergency, mobile phones would come to the rescue.


The prices of smartphones were high as compared to the present time. Earlier it was in the hands of the riches and took sometime to reach the wider masses. The good thing is that now it has, mobile phones have penetrated lives that wasn’t expected. Owing to cheaper mobile phones and low mobile data, it’s strengthening its position in the rural markets.

Data as another issue, 2G data then 3G followed by 4G. Some countries are planning to bring 5G to the masses. India is at the forefront of it.

Social Media

There are contested views regarding social media. Some people think that it’s a curse and would bring more problems than a boon. On the other hand, there are people who think it has bonded them in a way that they never knew was possible. The fear of missing out is true and people do become succumb to it.

However, the cell phone users are increasing day by day and so is the burden on cell towers. There are bound to be problems whether it’s the distance or man-made or natural barriers preventing the signal to reach your house.

Advantages of a cell phone booster at home are listed below:

Strong signals: Weak signals can lead to call drops and voice breakage causing frustration. It can also hamper productivity. With a 4G signal booster for home and offices, there will be no network connectivity issue and it is unfazed by the construction materials or other natural barriers such as tall trees and mountains. It’s time to say goodbye to network glitches!

Faster uploads/downloads and browsing: Whether you are attending a conference call or binging on your favourite web series in free time. You can do all of this seamlessly with it. Moreover, you can upload and download without any issue, saving your time.

Compatibility: These are compatible with all service providers. If you have 4G or 4G LTE, it works very well with either of two. When 5G would be introduced, it would be compatible with it as well.


The installation is easy due to its sleek design and components. It consists of an outside antenna that receives weak signals and an amplifier boosts the signals and the internal antenna distributes to mobile phones in the operational area. Companies take care of the installation process without having to worry about anything.

In the event that you are searching for a 4G signal promoter in India, you can look at the presumed and confided brands, for example, Seguro, Signaxo or Ericsson. Getting strong mobile signals is crucial and brands understand that. AVA Systems signals is avoiding potential risk and offering its types of assistance. Ring them up for questions or demo at: 1800 121 6421!


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