Role of Youth in Development of the Country

Role of Youth in Development of the Country

by Manish Singh

The youth of a country are the building blocks of a nation. This is one of the many reasons why the government, parents, teachers, and entire school management strategically develop plans that nurture students and enhance their learning in every department. It is believed countries which have more skilled youth are likely to lead the globe in the coming future. Their energy and brightness if given the right directions then they will become the torchbearer of the country. On contrary to this, countries that fail to recognize the potential of their youth suffer from a huge loss of not only efficient human capital but more than that.

Therefore, countries like India treat their youth as one of the most valuable resources. This is the reason the central government came up with new education. Now the emphasis will be on skill-based learning. The primary reason behind it to outline the uniqueness of every child. The Government of India always treated children and youth of the country as a valuable resource. Initiating a mid-day meal programme highlights this fact. The whole idea of giving education and nutrition to children highlights the concern the government had about the children. And with time these programmes have changed in order to benefit students more. Both the central and state governments are trying to their fullest to help the future of our country. One of the best play schools in Faridabad is also trying to work on the same principle. These schools give equal opportunities to both the genders to contribute to the development of the country. Their parents also play a very important role in making their children realize what’s best for them. Now parents are no longer following the conventional career paths. Rather they are picking career paths for their children as per their strengths and weaknesses. The teachers and school also guide them on what can be the best for their kids.

The primary and birthright of every child are have access to good quality education and food. For the betterment of children, the government even banned child labor in the country. It’s the ethical and moral responsibility of the government to give a stage to the young talent of their country. Therefore, both government and private schools organize various talent hunt competitions on a regular basis.

Dynasty International School, one of the best schools in Faridabad has recently organised an array of online competitions even in the time of the global pandemic. These competitions have given a stage to students of all age groups to come forward with their talents and skills. Utilizing the energy of youth in a productive way helps the country not only to move forward in the world but also to eliminate wrong practices like terrorism or smuggling.

Even after completing education and gaining a certain skill student find it difficult to find a suitable job for themselves. The economy of the job market has not attained equilibrium yet. The demand side of the jobs is always high then its supply side. Having the right amounts of jobs for each candidate is one of the biggest problems faced by any developing country. And the population obviously adds a lot. This is the reason why most of the students prefer settling in abroad rather than struggling in their own country because of no or fewer options. This also hampers the mindset of further generations.

Education is indeed one of the most powerful weapons in today’s world. With only good quality education a person can reach a designated level. The students suffer a lot in a situation where they are deprived of the right kind of job. Their parents and society make them feel guilty because of their rigid mindsets. The constant pressure to prove oneself worthy only starts with a successful career. This battle really gets difficult for the female gender. The orthodox mindset of parents and society who doesn’t want females to prosper and grow questions them on every sphere of life. Constant setbacks of marriage, childbirth, becoming a perfect wife, and women are taught to most of the girls especially in rural or urban-rural areas of the country.

Media also plays a crucial role in all of it. With everything becoming so digital media is highly responsible in showing only the positive things to society. So, students, teachers, and their parents only get a good idea of what the country will look like in the near future. Rather they should try to show what is the actual or factual state of affairs to give a clear picture of everything. The media should host educational talk shows or ted talks to inspire and motivate students. This might help students to underline their interest areas. They should teach students the power of affirmation and surrender them to the power of knowledge. This way they will leave a good impact on students.

India is a country of more than one culture, one language, one religion the ultimate teaching should be of becoming a good human. One should not be identified or mark his presence through a religion. On the contrary one’s presence should only be made only on the power of knowledge. In today’s world, the youth of our country are working around the clock to prove them. The constant rat race has made the machines. The problem behind this work culture is the lack of opportunities. To bridge the gap a new campaign was launched by the prime minister of the country, Mr. Narendra Modi. The campaign was named “Atamnirbhar Bharat”. Creating a model of India where people will be creating their own business the whole problem of finding a job will go under the table. Though it’s difficult to be done. But having said that if we as a country and community try to achieve it we’ll be able to achieve it.  We hope this article has helped you in finding the right role of youth in a country’s development.

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