Solar Energy

Solar Energy: Efficiency Guaranteed

by Manish Singh

Solar energy is the future for its renewability and its efficiency. The sun will be providing power each second that can be sufficient for the whole world for about two hours. Unfortunately, it isn’t put to the best use. Installation of solar panels in rooftops of various buildings used to be over expensive and relatively inefficient. However, the situation has now changed, and it is very heartening to see an improvement in the usage of solar panels around the world by an increasing range. Solar panel installation in Brisbane is efficient due to some of the best Solar power installers in the city.

Solar panels are a combination of solar cells attached. The number of solar cells or their structures determines their types. Each solar cell consists of ‘crystalline silicon’ or ‘solar-grade silicon’ – an effective solar energy receiver – wedged between two electric panels that help on converting the absorbed solar energy into electrical energy. The structure of the ‘crystalline silicon’ categorizes solar panels into three types. They are called monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels. These solar panels are minutely different in terms of efficiency, life span, and price per 100 watts of power. These differences do not often create differences to make a comparison of which is the best option. All three of them are equally effective.

Benefits of solar power reliance:

Installation of solar panels contributes greatly to the welfare of the environment and the survival of human life in general, so solar power is very beneficial.

  • Reduces usage of non-renewable resources: Most of the resources humans use are non-renewable and extracted from the earth. There is a fear of running extinct with these resources shortly. A renewable resource used as a power source will have the least negative impact on global health, and one such abundantly accessible power source is the sun.
  • Reducing one’s carbon footprint: Solar power is one of the cleanest sources of energy that does not require water to generate electricity. Water scarcity is an issue that needs immediate prevention, and installing solar panels can be the first step in that direction. They reduce the need for carbon dioxide-emitting power resources (general electricity provided by the government), thereby reducing a great deal of one’s carbon footprint.
  • Does not contribute to global warming: Solar power does not emit harmful greenhouse gases during its generation. It doesn’t contribute to air pollution or enhance the underlying greenhouse effect. Climate control has undergone extreme conditions due to the emission of such gases. If used widely, solar power can be one of the solutions to climatic disasters.
  • Lesser dependency on external power sources: The government provides a power source that comes at a price and can be unreliable in certain situations. Solar panels installed in one’s house or a work building can be a constant source, without frequent shutdowns due to maintenance or connection issues in government-provided electricity.
  • Cost-effective: The initial installation price can be very alarming at first. But there are rebates provided by several government schemes that help in installation costs. After installation, solar panels require no or very little maintenance, thus cutting up on maintenance costs. Provides electricity to one’s household, omitting or reducing the cost of electricity bills to be paid to the government.
  • Increases property value: Solar power might be the future of electrical power generation. Resale values of properties with installed solar panels are comparatively higher, by almost five per cent.
  • Reduces respiratory health issues: Since solar panels do not contribute to air pollution, they can also be one of the factors leading to lessen respiratory and cardiac health issues by reducing nitrous oxides, sulphur dioxides, and other matter emissions.

Adapting to solar power has advantages for both nature and humans. It is perhaps a national duty to call for solar panel installation in Brisbane if one lives in and across the city. Make the necessary choice and contribute to a greener environment today!

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