Spring 2021 Anime Release Calendar,

Spring 2021 Anime Release Calendar, Dates & Live Charts

by Bryn Fest

Since Spring has arrived it’s time to check on what’s new in Anime 2021.There are few shows which are lined up for early shows and also make their debut. Due to the pandemic many titles were delayed, but this year it looks like there may be a lot of titles picked by Manga with the same title name. Shows like Shaman King, My Hero Academia, Godzilla: Singular Point, are quite interesting and it is always a pleasure to see them back on the screens.

Let us take a quick look at what is about to release for this Spring 2021, especially with shows which will continue with their new season. The shows which have ended, have cleared some slots for the upcoming anime.

Fans are waiting to watch the next season of the anime of the previous season. Let us see what is lined up for the spring 2021.

My Hero Academia(Season 5)

This anime is based on the Japanese superhero Manga series authored by Kohei Horikishi. The story is about Izuku Midoriya, a boy without superpower(Quirks), who dreams about becoming a superhero himself. All might the Japanese hero choose Midoriya as his successor and teach him Quirk as he was impressed by his potential. The All Might then enrolls Midoriya in a school for training.

This series’ first season was telecasted in the year 2016. Fifth season of this series is scheduled to premiere in March 2021. This series totally consists of 25 episodes.

Eden- Eden is an anime series which was written by Kimiko Ueno which is produced by CGCG studio and Qubic Picture, under the direction of Yasuhiro Irie. Netflix had obtained the license for streaming and it was announced to air in May 2021.

The story is about a girl named Sara who is raised by two robots secretly in a safe haven outside Eden. Eden is a monolithic city that is inhabited mainly by artificially intelligent robots whose masters have vanished long ago though they continue to grow agricultural products.

Edens Zero-This series is a Japanese science fiction series and was picked from the Manga series, which was written and illustrated by Himo Mashima. This was produced by J C staff. The streaming rights are obtained by Netflix and aired on 11th April 2021 with a total of 11 episodes.

The story revolves around a boy named Shiki Granbbell who goes around the planets in search of the Goddess known as Mother. The Manga series was also published in six other languages.

Godzilla Singular Point-This is a Japanese anime produced by Bones and Orange.  This series is scheduled to premiere in March 2021 by Netflix in Japan and on other channels by April 2021. Totally around 13 episodes will be telecast.

The story of this series goes like this: an engineer and a graduate studying about imaginary creatures receive signals from the old district administrative building. Both visiting from different places hear the same song and become united to the battle, led behind imagination which involves the whole world.

Record of Ragnarok-This is another Japanese Manga series which was authored by Shinya Umemur and Takumi Fukui and illustrated by Ajichika. Viz Media has the license for the North American region. It will be aired on Netflix from 17th June 2021 onwards for a total of 12 episodes.

This series is built around a concept that every 1000 years God’s council meets and decides the fate of the human race. After 7 million years, the council is of the opinion that humans are irredeemable and should not continue, they must be made extinct. As the story goes valkyrie Brunhilde still has hope and proposes the last chance to prove humans worthiness. The worthiness trial is in the form of the battle of Ragnarok, a series of 13 dual battles until death. Humans have to win at least 7 of them to continue to exist. 

Shaman King– Shaman King will be screening the next season. Shaman King is based on the Manga series of the same name. This was produced by Bridge. Totally around 52 episodes will be telecast. 

This time it is scheduled to premiere on 1 April 2021 on Tokyo TV and other TX Network stations. Netflix has obtained a global license and is planning to stream from 9th August 2021 onwards.

It is about the story of Yoh Asakura who attempts to sharpen his shaman skills to become the king of  Shaman by winning the Shaman Fight. The author chose shamanism as the main theme of the series, as this is a topic that was never used before in Manga Series

The Way of the Househusband-This series is an anime of Japanese Manga Series which was written by Kousuke Oono. It is produced by J C Staff, Netflix has obtained the license for streaming. The way of the Househusband series is set to air in April 2021.

The way of the husband is about a  Tastu, who retires from crime to become a househusband so that he can help his wife Miku. The episode depicts a variety of comedic scenes, especially the scene wherein Tastu does domestic work as a househusband and frequently has run-ins with his former rivals.

Yasuke-Yasuke is an anime series of Japanese – American which is based on Yasuke who is an African warrior who served daimyo oda Nodunag during the Sengoku Period of the Samurai conflict in 16th-century feudal wars, in Japan.   

This series is created by LeSean Thomas produced by MAPPA. This anime is all set to air on 29th April 2021, in Netflix and will have 6 part series, LaKeith Stanfield will be a voice actor.

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