Technical White Glove Logistics: The Backbone of Society

by Manish Singh

There is an emerging business sector that is the result of digital technology, white glove logistics; an industry dedicated to the transportation, installation and calibration of high-tech equipment. You have probably noticed the touch screen vending and gaming machines and the huge digital signage springing up in our cities and all this equipment requires specialist handling.

Medical Sector

The healthcare industry relies heavily on white glove logistics providers, specialist companies such as Rhenus High Tech, final mile delivery services from approved technicians. If you have ever seen an MRI scanner, you will know just how bulky they are; imagine having to manoeuvre one of these up to a 3rd floor hospital unit. This is logistics with a difference and the team would have some hi-tech tools to help them achieve their goals. X-Ray equipment is another job for the white glove technician, which has to be installed and calibrated by experts.

ATMs & Other Banking Equipment

We all use these cash giving machines and it is the white glove team that installs and maintains ATMs; special teams that cover a large area and they are on call round the clock, to repair faulty equipment. They also have a heavy schedule to replace ageing machines and this work requires special security clearance, as well as having manufacturer approval to service the units. Money counters and machines that detect fake banknotes come under the umbrella of white glove logistics and behind the scenes, banks use some complex equipment, which has to be maintained. Here are a few tips on antivirus cyber-protection, which we all need.

Digital Signage

Cities are changing and digital advertising screens are being installed everywhere, the huge ones are made up of many small screens that have to be carefully aligned and let’s not forget touch-screen information boards, which are installed and maintained by white glove technicians. Vending and gaming machines are another domain of the white glove technician; they spend a lot of their time learning about new equipment in order to get certified to work.

Full Technical Installation

Huge generators and particle accelerators demand the highest level of care when transporting and only specific companies are approved by the manufacturer to handle the equipment. The teams that work in this field, spend all of their time on full technical installations, while also removing equipment and replacing it.

Data Centres

You would be surprised if you knew the extent of these huge facilities; Google have them in all the cold countries, as heat is always an issue with data banks and whether a relocation or designing a new data centre from the ground up, the white glove team have you covered. The technicians must attend workshops that incorporate new equipment and they require certification in order to work with the equipment.

There are many systems and devices that we take for granted that are taken care of by logistics technicians and as we move further down the road of digital development, while white glove sector will evolve alongside society. If you are in need of special logistics, Google will help you find a leading white glove logistics company who have all the solutions.


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