The Importance And Need For Security In Our Schools

by Manish Singh

It doesn’t matter if you are the principal at the school, part of the school board or just a parent at home, you’re going to worry about your students and you will want to put things in place to keep them safe at all times. Unfortunately the current world that we live in, is not as safe as it used to beand the days of letting the kids roam freely around the school grounds is long gone.

There are too many people out there who wish to do harm to children and then there are children in school who like to bully other kids and to put their lives in danger. As a teacher, there is only so much that you can do and it’s always best to have some additional security in place to keep everyone safe and well. These security measures are the last thing that any parent or school board wants, but unfortunately they are a necessity.

Your security should start right at the entrance to the school and many schools are using an electronic sign in systems from Taremtec to ensure that anyone who is on the school premises is allowed to be there. If you’re still one of those people who feel that security should be a last option when it comes to our child’s education, then maybe the following benefits of implementing some types of security can help to change your mind.

* Emergency planning – It is incredibly important to have a plan of action in the event of a security breach and so there needs to be some kind of emergency planning and an evacuation plan put into place. This means that if there is an incident, the kids don’t start to panic and they know exactly what is expected from them. They will know the rules to follow in the event of a serious incident and this provides many advantages in terms of safety and security. In some cases it could even mean a saving of a life. Even the use of a nanny cam can help the school to better understand what goes on in an emergency.

* Security cameras – Security cameras placed around the school and on the school grounds help to keep both children and staff safe and there is an incident, there will be a recording of it so that decisions can be made quickly and decisively. Many parents talk about invasion of privacy and this is perfectly understandable, but when it comes to our kids, we have to do everything possible to keep them safe at all times. They act as a visible deterrent for those that shouldn’t be on school grounds and they will help the police to know exactly what has happened and who has caused it. To learn more about school security, have a look here.

All schools have their own budgets and it is up to them to spend the money as they see fit. Implementing a security system can be a little costly, but in terms of keeping the kids safe, it is money very well spent. If a camera system or some kind of emergency planning can help to save at least one life, then it will all have been worthwhile.

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