The Most Popular Types of Motorcycles

The Most Popular Types of Motorcycles

by Manish Singh

Most people lump the different types of motorcycles together: Every vehicle with two tires and an engine is a motorbike. Perion. But is it really that easy? In fact, there are at least 12 different types of motorcycles to distinguish. While many can tell a scooter from an off-road motorbike, it’s a lot harder to notice the differences between most other types. And of course, some types of motorbikes are more popular than others, which is why we’d like to give you a brief overview of the most common ones.

Off-Road Motorcycles

These are probably the most noticeable types of motorbikes. Because they’re meant to be able to deal with all kinds of undergrounds and ascents, they need to offer more suspension and brush. That´s why the seat level is higher than on most other motorcycles. Bikers, who love going off-road, should wear suitable motorcycle clothing and a high-quality helmet. As the risk of injury can be extremely high depending on where the biker is going, high safety standards are a must.

Off-road motorbikes aren’t supposed to be driven on the road, which is why they usually don’t have lights or turn signals on them. There are certain ones that can be driven on the road, but those motorcycles aren’t really off-road ones even though they mock the striking design.

Standard Motorcycle

Standard sounds pretty boring. But standard motorcycles are anything but boring. The reason they´re called standard is their simple design and their diverse purposes: You can buy a standard motorcycle for sporadic weekend rides or as your means of getting from one place to another on a daily basis. There are variations from 125cc up to 1.000cc. Depending on which model you choose, they come with storage space for luggage.

Standard motorbikes are made for the broad mass. That’s why their seat level is low to intermediate – basically a one fits all solution. Beginners can ride a standard model, and so can experienced motorcyclists.


“But a scooter isn’t even a real motorcycle!! – It’s obvious why many people argue that you should distinguish between motorcycles and scooters because the bikers´ position is completely different. While they sit in an inclined position with one leg on each side on normal motorbikes, scooters allow for a completely normal sitting position – basically the way you´d sit of a chair or a sofa. But the definition for motorcycles uses the two tires and the engine as its main characteristic, so technically, a scooter is a motorbike.

Scooters are perfect for commuting and therefore really popular in metropolitan areas. As they´re not heavy at all, they can easily be navigated, which makes them the perfect choice for beginners. The engine sizes of scooters vary from 50cc to 500cc.


Mopeds look like scooters, but they come in smaller sizes of engine – usually 25cc, but at least less than 500cc. While mopeds are becoming a rarity in the United States, they´re extremely common in European metropolitan areas. They´re really easy to drive, which makes it easy and cheap to obtain a driving license. Some manufacturers have begun to replace regular engines with electric motors. That makes them a sustainable alternative to other types of motorcycles.

Sport Touring Motorcycles

Motorcyclists, who love going on long trips, are usually really fond of sport touring motorbikes. Those are a perfect combination of power and storage, and allow bikers to overcome big distances while taking a lot of luggage with them.

There are also sport bikes that are made for motorcycle journeys, but they offer less storage room. That makes them appear sportier and faster, which many bikers prefer. If a sport bike or a sport touring is the better choice for you should be answered individually depending on what kind of riding style you prefer. Purchasing a motorcycle is a hard process, because you should make sure to consider all your requirements and needs. Buying second-hand motorcycles can help you save money.

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