The Pros and Cons of Using a Nanny Cam

The Pros and Cons of Using a Nanny Cam

by Manish Singh

Did you know that there were 217,213 nannies employed in 2020? If you’re considering employing a nanny in your home you might be concerned about choosing the right one among so many candidates. Is installing a nanny cam to make sure you made the right choice a good idea?

This guide will explain some of the pros and cons of putting a nanny cam in your home. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Keep Your Child Safe

If you want to buy a nanny cam one of the biggest benefits of getting one is keeping your child safe. When you hire a nanny to help you care for your child you expect them to treat your kid as their own.

If the nanny abuses your child in any way when you’re not around your child might be too afraid to tell you. A nanny cam can be used as a tool of protection to prevent any harm to your child.

Nanny Cams Are Legal

While you might be hesitant to buy a nanny cam because you’re concerned about legality or privacy issues you can rest assured that nanny cams are legal. It’s completely legal to video record inside your home if you have a reason for doing it.

Monitoring your nanny’s interactions with your child fall under that scope. Whether you want the camera hidden away or in plain sight you’re within your legal right to record your nanny within your home.

Address Any Behavioral Issues

Behavioral issues don’t always stem from abuse. If your child is misbehaving with the nanny or if your nanny isn’t keeping the routine you’ve set in place for your child, a nanny cam can help you figure this out.

For these situations, a nanny cam can help you correct behavioral issues your child has. It can also help you determine what kind of advice to give your nanny about their practices. This will build a better relationship between your child and their nanny.

You’ll Feel More Connected

If you need to hire a nanny it’s probably because of your hectic work schedule. Missing out on so many hours of your child’s life each day can make you feel disconnected from them.

With a nanny cam set up in the living room, you can watch them play and laugh while you’re at work. You can also check in during feeding time to make sure they’re eating their vegetables and watch them lay down for a nap.

This way it’ll seem like you’ve spent the whole day with your child.

It’s Multipurpose

Another pro to buying a nanny cam is that it can serve many purposes. While its main function is to monitor how your nanny interacts with your child, you can still use the nanny cam when your nanny isn’t working.

Set it up at night in your child’s bedroom and use it as a baby monitor. It can work as a security camera for your home in case of a break-in.

The best nanny cam will connect to your wifi and allow you to watch in real-time. Check out what you need to know about nanny cams so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your family.

It Can Break Trust

One of the few negative aspects of getting a nanny cam is that it can break trust and ruin the relationship you have with your nanny. If your nanny finds the hidden nanny cam they might feel offended that you didn’t have complete trust in their abilities to care for your child.

Worst case scenario, you’ll lose your nanny. While you aren’t required to tell your nanny that you’re recording video on a nanny cam inside your home, you should consider doing it.

Most nannies won’t have any issues with a nanny cam but letting them know about your plans to install one can help preserve the good relationship you have with them.

There Are a Few Legal Exceptions

While it is legal to video record your nanny in your home in all 50 states you can only do it in common areas like the living room. You aren’t allowed to record in rooms where privacy is a must like a bathroom.

Some states do have privacy laws that make audio recording someone without consent illegal. This is why your nanny cam shouldn’t come with an option to record audio unless you get permission to do so.

Any audio recorded illegally, even if it captures abuse, won’t be admissible in a court case. This is something to keep in mind if you’re considering this type of security camera.

Footage Can Be Misconstrued

Another con of using a nanny cam is that footage can often lead to situations being misconstrued. Since nanny cams only record a specific area of the home you might not be able to see the entire situation play out.

When some things get taken out of context like this it can lead to false assumptions. You might see your baby crying and assume neglect without realizing their nanny is on the way with a bottle or toy.

The Pros and Cons of a Nanny Cam Explained

There are many benefits of using a nanny cam as a form of home security. They can help keep your child safe and help you feel connected to them while you’re away. A few cons including losing your nanny’s trust and misconstruing certain situations.

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