The Top 3 Patek Philippe Watches Every Collectors Want

The Top 3 Patek Philippe Watches Every Collectors Want

by Manish Singh

Patek Philippe is broadly known as society’s best watch manufacturer. There are numerous other ideal Swiss watch producers with the remarkable origin and polished watches. Still, this brand has sheltered itself in the conscience of watch enthusiasts being the best watch company of them all.

They also carry the record as the most expensive timepiece ever purchased at an auction. An impressive worth of $23.98 million was struck for the Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket timepiece. Without further ado, here are three of the best Patek Philippe watches that every collector desires.

Nautilus, Ref. 5711/1A

The first design was a silver iron luxury timepiece for Nautilus ref. 3700, outlined by Gerald Genta, in 1973 affected by nautical motifs, and in 1976, it was established. On its 30th anniversary in 2006, the brand Patek Philippe offered the latest fit with the Nautilus, Ref. 5711, contemporary styling for its rich historical details.

According to Paul Boutros, the Americas’ head for Philipps, they maintained the original watch ref’s classic look. 5711/1A wherein they combined multiple alterations over the first one with better water resistance, enhanced comfort of the double-folding grip, and more excellent rust resistance with the help of first-class steel.

Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, Ref. 5970P

As most holy grail timepieces come and go, it’s harder to look for one divine than the best of the best significant complications. However, collectors favor Patek Philippe’s Perpetual Calendar Chronograph. Ref. 5970 luxury watch for its excellent balanced percentage and 40mm case diameter.

They have incorporated square designs, and pleasant stepped drags. Patek 5970 mingled modern fashion with the vintage origin of its respected vintage Patek models and features. In 2004, they were introduced and manufactured only for just seven years. They were the company’s last timeless timetable chronograph to utilize an outsourced-movement.

Moreover, they were manufactured in 18-karat jewelry; white gold, platinum, rose gold, and yellow gold. It’s indeed a classic aesthetic, stunning, and very rare that creating any kind desired until today. And since it was only produced for a short moment, it was considered the most valuable and rare watch.

Sky Moon Celestial, Ref. 6102P

People present with Patek Philippe’s early 20th century products will surely know Sky Moon Celestial, Ref. 6102P being the timepiece offspring of the celestial pocket timepieces from the firm created for collectors like James Warm Packard, and Mr. Henry Graves Jr. He is known to have the world’s most incredible timepiece.

This specific timepiece was established in 2015, and the model pays homage to the brand’s rich history without striking a balance with its modernity. Collectors consider this timepiece a poetic watch since it has an illustrious history with astronomical complications, and the Sky Moon Celestial builds upon it correctly.

Why Is Patek Philippe The Best?

When it comes to the best Swiss luxury timepieces, Patek Philippe is always on the top list. It’s one of the most expensive and prestigious watches, together with other sophisticated watch company brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Roles, and Audemars Piguet. Here’s a list as to why this brand has the best watches.


Quality is the most valuable resource and feature of Patek Philippe. The whole company is developed to support it. With the Patek Philippe Seal presentation back in 2008, the brand pressed a standard that usually exceeds the industry’s average quality. However, the devotion to quality doesn’t comply with the watches themselves.

The brand also hailed the highest standards on employee grounding. From the clockmakers to the customer support that stretches from sales to service and the salesperson. It’s always a waste if you buy watch brands that don’t have a precise, reliable, and efficient quality to use.


One resource that makes Patek Philippe the best watch is its expertise when it comes to watchmaking. It has mastered every detail of how to make a perfect watch. The incredible craftsman is working hand-by-hand with the help of high-tech and modern machinery. Plus, it has excellent functions like minute repeaters, an annual calendar, and so much more.


Most watch enthusiasts who have a Patek Philippe watch know that they won’t lose any money if they want to sell their timepiece later. It’s possible that the watches’ value will increase over the period even though it’s hard to predict in a person’s situation.

However, the reassuring truth is that most people buy a watch for the particular reason of their happiness and don’t have the on-the-spot intention to resell. Investing in a look like Patek Philippe will surely be worth the money and time. You’ll always get beyond what you paid for.


There may be hundreds of watches worldwide, but their nothing like Patek Philippe could offer to its customers. Not only that it’s aesthetically pleasing, but it sure does provide what a watch is made up for.

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